Alternatives to Tegaderm?

I use the Minimed CGMS and am having trouble finding something to secure the transmitter to my skin. I tried waterproof Band-Aids but my skin got fiercely irritated. I switched to Tegaderm but it starts peeling off just a few hours later, even when I prep it with alcohol first. Anything else I could try?

I use IV Prep wipes with the IV3000 covers. Then a little tape around the edges. You can call Minimed and ask for a Tape Kit, they are free and include samples of about everything under the sun to keep things stuck to you

I’ve had good luck with athletic tape for my Dexcom sensor. You can find it at any pharmacy.

An gi, Try getting Mastisol Skin Adhesive (like skin Super-Glue) which you paint just the shape of the CGMS adhesive patch, not
where the sensor needs to go through the skin. I sticks anything - yet is easy to remove in bath or shower by applying Baby Oil /Olive Oli or antodote Detachol slowly from the outer fringes towrds inside and peel if off gently. Good stuff for anyone who sweats, swims or just rejects adhesive pieces off their skin.


Skin Tac is another adhesive option similar to the Mastisol recommended by another user, except SkinTac comes in individually-wrapped wipes. Both are available from the Minimed store under the category insulin pump supplies.

I have to say Tegaderm peeling off after only a few hours seems very strange to me.

In today’s world, all our shower gels, bathfoams, conditioners, shampoos, etc include a lot of moisturising oils in them: these need to be removed from the skin surface first by washing with warm water and soap, or wiping the skin with an alcohol-containing wipe. The dead skin celles remove to be removed from the skin frts.

take the IV3000 - paint the back with mastisol using a qtip - and place on your body. As I have an adhesive allergy to the infusion sets and the adhesive on the CGMS, I do one IV3000 with mastisol on the bottom, Insert CGMS through IV300, paint another IV3000 with mastisol and place it on top. The CGMS will stay put, and it won’t peel :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

I used alcohol to clean the area, SkinTac till it dries, then apply the sensor. I “paint” the edges with Mastisol with a Q-tip and it last for two weeks. Sweat, showers, even swimming don’t seen to phase this combination. Luckily I don’t have any reactions to these adhesive or I’d be in trouble.