Protective tape not staying on

I am on the Minimed Paradigm, and the protective tape that you put on over the sensor and transmitter keeps coming off very easily. I know that it’s probably from the heat and humidity, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea to keep the tape on and to keep the sensor in my stomach?

Try an IV 3000 bandage. Mine stays on very well, but I still overtape it with the IV3000 bandage. Medtronic sells them or I almost all suppliers sell them.


I'm not familiar with the Medtronic devices, but I use Skin Tac with my Dexcom sensors. Assuming that the insertion of a sensor isn't all that different between the two CGM's, after I removed the paper covers from the sensor sticky pad, I lightly "paint" Skin Tac on the sticky pad (I use the bottled form of Skin Tac, not the wipes). Once it is a little bit drier, I insert the sensor as usual. By carefully "painting" around the rim of the sensor pad, I don't get any Skin Tac on the probe itself. Because I am paying out of pocket for my CGM, it is important for me to have a sensor last as long as I can. I can go for more than two weeks using Skin Tac without any peeling or curling of the sticky pad edges. I've purchased my Skin Tac on Amazon.

I use both skin tach and IV3000 and find it works well until I sweat and then intend to loose it

I have good luck with placing tegaderm on first and then inserting my dex sensor throughout the tegaderm. I get better adhesion of the dex to the tegaderm vs to my skin.
Have had rash issues with skin tack etc.

One other thing to consider is sites other than belly. Flex with activities is a big part of things coming undone. Have you tried alternate sites like back of upper arm or shoulder holster/chest area. Or even upper butt area.

I use Hypafix tape/bandage...It never fails...lasts all week...
You can buy it in a 4"wide x11 yard long roll..will last a year...I buy mine at American Diabetes Wholesale...

Thank you, yes I have tried ulster ate sites and find thighs work better or me,the jeans help hold it in place. Arms and chest tend to be painfully and do not stay any better. I have tried the graders and found similar results to the IV3000

That I have not tried I will see what it does.

Do you put the IV3000 on over the sensor? or put the sensor pad on top of the IV3000? The Skin-Tac stuff sounds a bit hard to remove between sensors...

I used MM sensors for several years. The IV3000 has a tendency to peel off after a few days, or with water. Hypapfix tape works very well but looks ugly.

With the Dexcom I now use Opsite Flexfix plus Skin Tac. This will keep stuck on for over 3 weeks. However, with the Medtronic sensors, if you want to use them for longer than 6 days you will need to re-charge the transmitter, which means peeling off the tape so you can disconnect it from the sensor. Hypafix is probably the best for this.