Always-on G6 or other CGM display?

Right now to see my G6 reading while driving I pull my Dexcom G6 receiver out of my pocket and push the button. Not a big deal but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

I have also linked it with an Android phone but that requires even more button pushes to get to the right app then do the display. (And probably violates the hands-free no-cellphone-use laws if I’m driving).

I’m wondering if there’s a technology out there for showing CGM readings with zero button pushes. Especially while driving. But I could also imagine it being like a bedside digital clock overnight etc.

While the trending arrow and graph is super nice to see, I would be happy with just the number.

My 1999 Corolla does not have Bluetooth (heh) but someday I might have a car where a screen on the dash could conceptually show the CGM app display. Does this work with any CGM’s in any newer cars?

This is an old way to do it, but I have a Pebble watch and it connect with Clarity to provide real-time data. Pebbles aren’t made anymore but you can get them secondhand online. The Pebble app is no longer functional but you can get it using Rebble. I know there are other options, but this one is always on and easy to use!

Take out the spaces below (I can’t include links for some reason):
rebble. io

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Apple Watch is an easy solution but not inexpensive.


I have two solutions. I also have a watch (Ticwatch) and the BG reading shows on the watch face all the time unless I am charging it.

Second solution is an app called Xdrip. You can use it on your phone or your watch and it shows Dexcom readings. I first looked at it when someone said compared to the Xdrip app, the Dexcom app is a toy and I totally agree. You can use Xdrip on your phone and it will show your blood glucose reading all the time or even to speak you readings. Check out the Xdrip app which runs Dexcom. It can also extend your sensors and transmitters until you decide to change them.

I have similar solution with xDrip and Fitbit Ionic watch. Flick of wrist wakes up watch and I see BG number, direction and trend.
Had to install Glance watchface.
At night, xDrip on tablet can stay lit all night when plugged in, for easy viewing. Maybe I will try tablet with usb charger in car to see if xDrip stays on.

On my iPhone I have it setup that I can say “hey siri, what’s my sugar” and she will reply with the reading and arrow.

“Dexcom G6 says your sugar is steady at 94”

At work I have a vertical wireless charger (phone sitting up). If I have the phone pointed at me next to my computer screen and the Dexcom app open it just stays on.

I think what is happening is FaceTime (face detection) see’s my face and thinks I’m looking at the screen and keeps it on.


I just got a used Sony Smartwatch 3 for cheap ($36 shipped.)
It can be used as a standalone collector.
You still need to have xdrip on your android phone to set it up, but after that, the watch works great!
I see the time, my BG, the graph and arrow(s).

Also, Xdrip has a function to read your numbers aloud. I haven’t used it, but I know @dave44 uses this function a lot.

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Like @ChrisP I have my iphone set to recognize “Hey Siri what’s my blood sugar?” and without touching the phone it will tell me my Bg level. Every once in a while if my iphone is buried in my purse I have to repeat it a second time.

Yep, lots of ways to have an always on display. With my iPhone I just set it to never go to the lock screen and launch the Dexcom or SugarMate app, both of them show a big number and graph on their main screen and will display indefinitely or until you manually close the app or lock the phone. I do exactly this on my nightstand, iPhone in a stand that holds it upright and allows a charging cable to be plugged in, so any time I open my eyes I can see my number without having to move or touch anything. I have a similar stand mounted on my car dashboard so I just launch the Dexcom app and my number is there without ever having to touch the phone again. The iPhone has a great feature where it senses that I am driving and sends calls to voicemail and auto replies to texts so those never take over the screen and get in the way.

As others mentioned, you can also ask siri what your number is without even looking at the phone. An Apple watch is also a great solution if you already have one, the series 5 has an always on display so you can just launch the Dexcom app and set it to stay open. Definitely an expensive solution but if you already have the watch it works well for displaying your number along with the 100 other handy things the watch can do.


Does anyone know if Dexcom readings also show on other (smaller) Fitbits? I have a dumb watch that I like and prefer not to wear two watches simultaneously. So I’m looking for a less watch-like option (like a smallish Fitbit) to wear on my wrist that will show my Dexcom readings. Thanks!

On my Android phone I can say, “Hey Google, Launch Dexcom”. The only problem is the Dexcom app Warning page displays and I still have to click “Continue to App”. Is there any way to stop that page from appearing?

I hate the Dexcom app for android. More than 2 years ago I put it on my S7. I removed it within less than 6 hours and went back to xDrip for the win.

xDrip has widgets so u don’t need to open an app
xDrip can speak your readings at any interval, if you choose
xDrip sends data to my watch using the Androids Notifications
feature built into the OS, so no need for an app on the watch
xDrip is dead simple to set up as a Master and on another device(s) you can set it up as a Follower.
xDrip can do all sorts of things–too many to mention.

It’s your choice–you can use a crappy Dexcom app, or move up to a far more feature-rich app.

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Apple Watch is great. I’ve used it for several years. But even there, the number on the complication won’t update continuously with the G6 app. I recently learned about Sugarmate from this site. It updates readings continuously so that’s a better solution for me.

But even with the Apple Watch, you need to take your eyes off of whatever you’re doing and look at your wrist. That’s not always safe.

Running on the treadmill is problematic for me. I put my iPhone autolock setting at ‘never’, launch the G6 app and place it on the treadmill’s control console. I suppose you could do the same thing in a car with the phone in a holder on the dashboard.

I do the same thing for bike riding. “Cool app, is that your mileage?” is what I usually hear when someone notices it. Not a bad idea: with arrows to indicate if should speed up or slow down!

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I agree 100%. Anyone on Android should try Xdrip and I love the widget.

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Can you provide a link to the Xdrip app you are referring to? I thought I found it, but it appears to be a Contour Diabetes app which is not letting me register. Is this the Xdrip you are talking about? Also, what Ticwatch version are you using? Thanks

Always-on was high on my wishlist way back then. Now I have DIY Loop and DIY Loop looks at my CGM all the time and takes action. I no longer feel compelled to check my CGM.

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For Android there is an app called ‘keep screen on’. It makes it so your phone never goes into sleep mode and the display is always on. Yes it drains battery faster but I have mine always sitting on a wireless cradle charger on my desk and Dexcom is always displayed in the notifications list. My phone has not had the screen off in more than 3 years. At night I have another wireless cradle charger next to my bed and just dim the screen but I can always just glance at my phone and see my numbers.