Dexcom data on the wrist

We’re ready to get a watch so that our son can see his Dexcom data more easily. We don’t want distracting extras, just the data, and maybe being able to see a text come through. I’m thinking that the Pebble would be the best way to go – I see some are still available. Any other recommendations? Also, can you send G5/G6 data to a phone and a watch at the same time? Thanks!

My solution is probably THE simplest solution of all. NO app needed. Simply use Android Notifications to show glucose numbers on my watch every 5 minutes. Nothing to install, no need to have anything but my phone nearby for the BT connection. And best of all, I’m using a better solution (IMO) for connecting to Dexcom: xDrip+. I can’t say enough good about it. It speaks my numbers every “x” number of minutes apart, based on my selection from 4 to over 400. I set it to 5-10 minutes apart, when I use the feature. Also, xDrip+ can continue to run if you want to restart your sensor–a very useful feature indeed.! ie, no need for a 2 hour waiting period.


Love the simple display and solution. Is that a Pebble watch?
We don’t have an Android, so I don’t think we can do that.

If you want to know how to get xdrip+ for Android and Spike for IOS and Blood Glucose on your Pebble watch go to my website and read “All about CGM” and if you cannot afford Dexcom read up “Getting Going with MiaoMiao”.

There are plenty of other watch solutions using Android Wear and Apple but not qualified to comment as never used them. However if you join fb page
lots of clever people there to help.

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I use Sony Smartwatch 3. It can also be used as the Dexcom collector, allowing BGs to be read and displayed without having your smartphone nearby. It works with xdrip+.

its a Samsung Gear 2 (not to be confused with the S2).