AM Guardian Inaccuracies

I like to calibrate my Guardian sensor (670G system) about an hour after I get up everyday. However, my sensor reading is consistently 20-30 mg/dl below my fingerstick glucose. My meter passes controls as it should, I’ve gotten the same results on other meters (and different brands), my strips are in date and stored properly. My numbers match up fairly well the rest of the day. It happens nearly everyday, not just on new sensors, and regardless of where I have the sensor placed (abdomen, thighs, arms).

Since I am almost always in auto mode, this really messes with my ‘feet on the floor’ syndrome. I shoot up to 170-200 (fingerstick) and my pump isn’t adjusting basal insulin enough because it thinks I’m lower.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas or tips?

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I think that’s something you will have to live with. The Medtronic sensors, despite all the talk about how the 670 sensors are better than the Enlites, just aren’t going to work well for a number of patients. My endo is a big Medtronic pump prescriber and he sees how his patients have issues with the 670 sensors pretty much as bad as the Enlites that preceeded them. He also wears a MM pump,but it’s an older one. He knows that the auto mode isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. I spent a year and a bit more, dealing with Enlites. When I’d sit or lie down, they would register false lows. It was impossible to get a good night’s sleep with the pump alarming for fake lows. I don’t have that issue with Dexcom. It is very reliable all night long. You may never get your issue fixed, sad to say.

How long have you been using the 670? It took mine about 6 months to learn my BG trends.

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I’ve been using the 670G in auto mode (mostly) since around July 2018. The problem seems to be stemming from sensor inaccuracies in the morning.

Yeah, I agree that Dexcom’s product is superior. Everyone is different and has different preferences, but Dexcom has worked best for me. I was just hoping there was a tip or trick for getting more accurate numbers in the morning.

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