670g Newbie!

Ok so with the calibrations . Sometimes I forget to press “calibrate” and I literally just checked my blood sugar. Can I still go back and manually enter a calibration? Thanks in advanced! I’m loving it so far! Also how often do you guys charge your Guardian?

Also i switched to a shorter tubing than I had many many years ago on the first pump and found that I’m actually loving it! It’s less to get tangled in which was unexpected!

You can manually enter a BG in the Sensor menu. After you put the number in, the pump will ask if you want to calibrate from that data.

With the 670 you mean the Guardian sensors, right? I was getting 2 weeks out of mine pretty regularly, but this seems to vary a lot. Some people complain that they are only getting 3-4 days before the sensor accuracy craps out. Recently someone posted here that MdT told them individual body chemistry affects the sensor filament a lot and that’s what causes the variability. Guess I was lucky. For me it was just the battery life that was the limiting factor; the sensors remained accurate the whole time. Some people recharge the battery when they’re rolling a sensor over to a second session, but with all that tape I couldn’t get the transmitter off without yanking the whole sensor out. Apparently the trick is to use less tape and not follow the official instructions. In my training period they were very fussy about taping it up per the directions, so I didn’t experiment with that much. I was happy getting two weeks out of a sensor anyway.

I’ve since gone off auto and actually stopped using the 670–just didn’t work for me–but some people are ecstatic about it, and I’m glad it’s working so well for you.

Yes the guardian. Enlite was the previous one my apologies. I do think this one works better for me personally with accuracy thus far. Thanks for the tips! I’m praying for a cure release soon as I’m staying in touch with the doctor who’s heading up the islet cell transplant in the fatty omentum.

I wish to point out that the encapsulated beta cells won’t be a cure but just another replaceable “gadget” to sell us, although one that is biologically based.

Personally, I have a 670G, and I don’t use the Medtronic tape at all. I use GrifGrips. They are flexible fabric shapes that can be tailored to work with different CGMs and infusion sets. They can have cut-out sections that are the right size for your device, or no cut-out section - whatever you specify. They can come in many shapes (cat, kissing lips, truck, oval, etc.) or colors (white, red, green, pink-camo, etc.) - again, whatever you choose. (Aimed at kids, but very user-friendly for adults, too.)

The GrifGrips for the Guardian sensor have a cut-out circle that is about 3/4" across, which allows you to pry open the circle (flexible fabric) and pull out the transmitter, if you need to. Also, because they are fabric, adhesive solvents like UniSolve can go through the Grifgrips fabric, and allow the adhesive to be dissolved - something that you can’t say of the Medtroic tape.

The medtronic tape was pulling off the out layer of my skin, and the Unisolve didn’t help because it couldn’t get through the impermiable plastic layer. The Tech Support person didn’t help, as they keep saying that it is very important to not let water in. I pointed out that I had scabs and little blood blisters from using the Medtronic tape. I told them that it took 7-10 days for the damage to heal, and that I was then going to have to put new tape onto newly healed skin and start the damage all over again (NOT good), but they didn’t have any suggestions.

My pump trainer put me in touch with a regional medical person (sorry - can’t remember her title) at Medtronic who suggested the GrifGrips as an alternative.

Also without anti rejection drugs. :slight_smile: