AM I more than 70 % RIGHT?

I take around 100ml to 150 ml ,daily with salad and around 100 gm roasted chicken or some time with fish
1 beer with 50 gm potato chips

it relieves me of all the stress of work and keeping my and my daughter BG incontrol , drinking(moderate)also motivate me
to live healthy way., also I play daily soccer or volleyball for 1-2 hours, playing rigorous game neutralize , the illeffects of diabetes …

There is only 10ml(100u) in 1 of my bottles of insulin. You typed 100-150ml.

Is it carbs you are referring to Ravinder …to read 100 grams- 150 grams instead of ml ( milliliter ) ???..yes exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight and aids in maintaining good blood sugar control …100 percent right you are .

you take 100ml to 150ml of what? alcohol?

Moderate alcohol use shouldn’t adversely affect your diabetes. Only your testing and monitoring can tell.