Am I overreacting here?

The other night one of my roommates thought it would be funny to hide my insulin and test kit. I didn’t spend too long looking for it and I was feeling fine, but I don’t like to not know where it is. I have to constantly keep track of it when I’m not at home so when I am home it’s nice to know that I can leave it on the kitchen counter and it’ll still be there when I need it. When I found out what he had done I yelled at him and told him to never touch my insulin again. He hasn’t apologized and I guess I don’t expect him to, because he’s usually a jerk, but this time I think he really crossed the line.


I would have been infuriated about this too. I guess they don’t get how important this is. Sorry that you had to go through this. I probably would have reacted the exact same way.

Any chance to move?

It was just the one roommate, everyone else here are my friends. I don’t know what made me the angriest, that he just doesn’t understand why it was such a dumb thing to do or that he didn’t care how angry it made me.

This" joke " is not appropiate in my mind …I agree with Kristin : maybe time to move away form the " jerk" , unless he has apologized in the next couple of days ?? Anyway of finding out from him , why he thought , this to be appropiate to do …your life line ? Sounds like childish behavior .

someone did this to me a couple of years ago and I was also so angry that i actually physically punched him! He never did it again and now i guard my tester & shots with my life. Also, here in South Africa, bag snatching or purse stealing is quite common in shoppping centres and the like so i protect them like crazy. Once someone stole my tester kit out of my handbag thinking it was a wallet! What on earth would they do with it anyway…? oh well, hope you get your apology soon!!

Duh…its a matter of life or death here…and definitely not funny. Being an adult…I would assume he would already know. I guess your term “jerk” is appropriate. I agree with the others here… any chance of moving?

I am fuming FOR YOU. I am constantly feeling bad about the insensitivity of my friends … type 1 is new for me, and I’m not asking them to “understand”… but I mean, I can ask for a little sympathy right…? One friend told me that another friend was complaining to her, “I don’t want to invite Sophie…we cant eat anywhere anymore…” I mean, yes, I can’t eat EVERYWHERE, but I can find SOMETHING at most places … she just hasn’t even ATTEMPTED to understand how type 1 works and that’s what’s the most painful. Now all I’m talking about is “emotional” understanding… what happened to you is just so much worse and I so feel for you. what a d-bag.

Dear Samantha: You’re darn right he crossed the line. I would seriously consider finding a different roommate. Insensitive guy with no judgment, a “whatever” attitude. This means he would be useless in a diabetic crisis. You couldn’t count on him to get it and be of any help. Back when I was diagnosed and living with roommates, I came back to our apartment with a heavy heart. One of my roommates, however, was thrilled with my news. She was studying to be a nurse and literally jumped up and down and clapped with joy at the thought that she might get to teach me how to give myself shots and practice on me. Over the 40+ years since, I’ve occasionally thought of her and felt sorry for her. As she practiced nursing and hopefully matured, she probably looked back at that moment too and cringed that she could have been so insensitive.

I’d call a roommate meeting and openly discuss why this was not funny and was an extremely bad idea, let alone insensitive. Put it right out in the open on what a jerk he was.

Roomates can be annoying, and jerks, but he needs to know this is equivalent to hiding a medication for a life threatening condition (wait a minute, it is hiding medication for a life threatening condition!). My six almost seven year old, can be silly, and hide things from time to time, but knows insulin and testers (along with my food portions) are in a whole 'nother category. She’s six.

I would ask him how funny it would be to come home and find you passed out, or worse, and facing manslaughter charges? I stole a retainer from someone in 3rd grade, returned it anonymously the next day, and still feel guilty!

You’re not overreacting, as the response here testifies.

He’s not going to change until he grows up. Until you can get him out of the house, all you can do is protect your insulin from him.

If he does anything again, give us his address and some of us will go have a little ‘talk’ with him.



I was JUST about to say that I would punch someone in the face if they did that to me.

Wow - I don’t think you’re overreacting - people don’t realize that insulin is LITERALLY our lifeline… BUT - maybe try talking to the roomie before moving out?

I know it’s not the same thing - it’s NOT a matter of life and death, like insulin is for us - but back in college, I once thought it would be funny, while we were out to dinner, to hide my friend’s cane (he was blind). As mild mannered as he tended to be, he went OFF on me (with every right to do so!) and left angry, totally ignoring my apologies. We worked it out later - once he realized that I really was sorry and had just done it as a completely thoughtless action. I never did anything like that again.

Perhaps the roommate is just thoughtless and with some explanation could know better and do better…

My $.02 :slight_smile:

Yes,he did cross the line,big time. But do not go as low as him to get back and start hiding his favorite things.
Show him who’s the smart one around there.
I would have freaked for sure, Not cool at all.

I would so humiliate him he would remember it the rest of his life.
I would report him to other roommates as having interfered with your ability to take care of your diabetes.
I would keep him on notice that he needs to perform community service by going to a diabetes education class and telling what he did.

+1 he’s an ahole hit him again

Wow, thanks for all the support, you guys! That made me feel so much better about it. The expression on his face when I yelled at him and the way he seems embarrassed around me now tells me he won’t be doing it again. He doesn’t get that it’s my life or death he was joking with, but I know he would call 911 if he found me unconscious on the floor.

But if he messes with it again I’m gonna think about injecting a vial of lantus into him to see how he would handle a 24 hour hypo. " Don’t worry buddy, you won’t die, just keep eating" Sigh, not really, but I really do hope karma gets him.

u r not overreacting at all
diabetics getting kinda byotchy sometimes but i totally understand
that is scary what if you wernt feeling fine or what if he wasn’t their to give it back
i don’t think u were overreacting at all

im in

great idea

but yeah i dont know how much he would buy it lol