Freaking out here

I lost 1 box of test strips, I never lose these things. Im losing my mind I swear, and last year I lost a bottle of insulin it was in my diabetes kit which went bye bye somewhere between me going to Ihop and home. so that makes a total of twice that i’ve lost something diabetic related, anyone else lose something rather important, D related? oh and I am on vacation in another state so haha yeah so not cool.

thats what you get for going to ihop :slight_smile: i loose things all the time, but the often turn up. i loose my meter case at work all the time, and it is a bakery so that can be a little scary. only once has it never turned back up… hope you find them…

In college, I used to lose my whole meter all the time. I always carried it with me, but I think that it had legs and would walk off on its own :wink:

Thankfully most of the time I could retrace my steps and find it!

Just last week a vial of insulin fell out of my purse as I was getting off the bus. It landed crosswise, on the storm grate, and was precariously perched there. I had to let the bus drive by, but it was still there (no, I don’t exactly have $96 extra dollares to spend).

I lose everything. Found my car keys in the freezer the other day. How those keys opened the freezer door & put themselves on the shelf I can’t figure out:)

I left my glucose meter in a restaurant ladies room. By the time I realized it was missing & drove back, it was gone.

Left my insulin in the car when I was sure it was in my purse. Didn’t exactly lose it, but it was useless nonetheless from being in the heat. Got a Frio wallet after that incident.

I bought a box of syringes & left them on the counter at the drug store. Ripped the house apart looking for them. The drug store called to tell me they were there. How’s that headlessness?

My endo said that PWDs have terrible short term memories. Now I have a medical excuse for being a ditz.

Just a few weeks ago I lost my brand new, only used twice meter. I was so mad I could have spit. Since someone was giving you a hard time about where you had been I won’t tell you where I probably lost mine. On what the heck, at Pizza Hut!

haha you little devil you, was it good, In all it’s greasiness?

Is that true? People with D have horrible short term memories? Because if that’s true it explains alot!!! I went grocery shopping today without my wallet… Always fun! Didn’t notice until I was done shopping and was rung up!

According to my endo, short term memory problems are common with D , yep. He gives his patients memory tests. I failed miserably!

Welcome to the CRS club; can’t remember stuff. Just proves you can’t go on autopilot too. Never heard of those memory tests though. Been there, done that (too many times).

You betcha!