Am I the only one confused?

the blue circle numbers are new replies to topics you are following. the green circle numbers are private messages to you. and @karen57 - we are going to allow users the change their names, they will just have to be unique

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i am the same. i am stopping by way less just because i feel like things are all over the place. the more tech savvy and patient will be having an easier time, i suppose!

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sorry that wasn’t what you were after.

I am mostly lost but know that I’ll figure it out over time. I find that a lot of links don’t work but I know that they are still fixing things. I check in every day and participate in a few discussions. I will be glad when we mostly get new discussions in the lists rather than old ones. For the most part I think we will eventually be happy with the changes, but some of us old dogs will have to learn some new tricks…

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@Laddie We’d love to see any new topics you’d like to discuss :smile:

and since we are all learning here, there is no such thing as making “mistakes” as we learn new tricks :strawberry: mmm strawberries

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I appreciate the effort Phoenix

That is another thing that is super confusing here. When you scroll through a thread you see the replies to click on below a post, but then you read through the same responses again further down. I have to say that is one of the things I’ve noticed by the latest technical versions of things - lots of redundancy, which can seem as if it would be useful but ends up confusing.

I also don’t get the point of the “suggested topics” which seem to be mostly topics from a couple years back not necessarily related to the current one. (or at least not that I can see!)

i am confused by all of it

Well at least we’re here and posting, Shoshana! Let’s hope Laddie is right and we get used to it in time.

And I want to thank everyone for not calling me @ Zoe once in this thread! I’m starting to think choosing to opt out of things like twitter and facebook and even cell/smart phones is going to become impossible one day soon. I was just reserving a studio for an upcoming trip on airbnb and they required my Facebook login! (and wanted to verify my phone number by texting it!)

@Zoe - I’m still confused by many things here by it’s slowly coming into focus. I guess I’m doing the typical male thing and only read the “instructions” if I must! I’m just trying to show up and learn by participating. I’ve never been a great organizer so I’m not too quick to decipher the structure of software layout. One thing that I do is just try to click on things and see what I can learn. This is not a very efficient learning method but it’ll eventually work for me.

I often like to copy part of someone’s comment and paste it into my reply using the “quotation mark” icon. I’ve been able to do it but only after repeated attempts and have yet to be able to consistently do it on first attempt.

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Terry!!! I thought we were friends!! I just said I was appreciative nobody “@ ed” me in this thread! This is not twitter, I don’t use twitter, I am not a twit!

(and yes, I learn by doing too, never read manuals. My family is backwards, my brother is always asking me if I have read the manual. But then he’s a lawyer so they love fine print that is inscrutable to the rest of us)

I agree Terry. The more I visit, the more comfortable I am becoming with the site. At first, I was greatly intimidated, but now I am understanding it more. The one thing I miss from the one site is the ability to add events to my Outlook calendar. I don’t use Google calendar and that is the only option that is given.

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because I know a ton of hard work went into it, but yeah it’s pretty much a mess as near as I can tell— or at least it’s just very counter intuitive and doesn’t work well in mobile. I’ve found myself visiting the sight far less than I used to. Hope it improves or I start figuring it out.

Thanks for your honesty, Sam. I’ve been trying not to be too negative. I think there is a difference between understanding (to whatever degree) and liking.

I just found out the course management system I use to teach is being changed for about the 5th time in 8 years. Will people ever get that newer is not necessarily better and that constant change for the sake of change is very stressful? The techies have fun, the rest of us…not so much.

Sorry, Zoe! I thought that was the convention with this new site so that a remark could be addressed to one person instead of to everybody. I may have been composing my response when your remark posted and didn’t see it. I don’t remember reading it. I’m not always the most careful reader.

I remember my parent’s displeasure with answering machines when they first appeared on the scene.

No, they never will!! Even the simple things we use to manage our life with diabetes keep ‘improving’ with bells and whistles that I spend more time figuring out how to turn off than finding useful. LOL!! We should start a club for “folks who like things just fine the way they are” :slight_smile:

No problem, Terry. Yes, I believe it is the convention on this new site, but I hate it so will choose not to conform to that particular convention. You are right that some things just take getting used to, which is why I’m still here. But others, even after you get used to it you don’t like and then you can choose whether or not they are going to be a part of your life. I believe in picking the technology that makes my life better and rejecting the technology that doesn’t.

Here though it’s the conversations that make your life better, rather than the technology. I was sort of leery of it at first but I think that if we stick with it, we will find that it works great.

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Like everything, I find that the more you use this site the more you get used to it. Have to admit it has been difficult, but I seem to be getting to understand it. :smile:

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I pulled out and blew some of the dust off an old … it’s v9 and current version is 12 … of Snagit for Windows. It’s a program I bought I can’t remember how many years ago that I never really used until recently. As is typical, the only “support” which exists for it these days is to pay to upgrade to v12. :disappointed: :confounded:

Of course, there are lots of options for screen capture these days. If I keep doing screen caps maybe I’ll need to look around and see what the current options are. The changes seem to be (1) a migration to implement them as browser extensions rather than operating system specific programs and (2) they include video capture, not just image capture. The latter illustrates just how pervasive an influence YouTube and the like have had. :wink:

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@irrational_John I use the snipping tool, but your tools seem much more sophisticated. maybe this is a subject we could study in a new topic, I’d like to know how to use all those giant red arrows