Amusement park rides and insulin pump

I am going to Orlando for the first time since I started using an insulin pump. I don’t go on any free fall rides, but I am not sure which roller coasters have ‘high gravity forces’. We’re going to Universal (not Disney). Can anyone give me advice on which rides require me to disconnect my pump? Is it ok if I bring my pump on the ride, but just disconnect right before it starts? Any advice would be appreciated.

Been to a lot of the big amusement parks and never thought about my pump except for keeping it dry. I wear my on my belt with a clip and when on roller coasters I just put the pump on the inside of my jeans instead of the outside, which I what I do to try and keep it dry. Never had a problem. Have fun and wish I could go with you! I love roller coasters!

I haven’t been on the pump since 2009. However, when I’d go to amusement parks, I’d wear belt band type thing, that can go around your waist. You can keep your cash or anything in the pocket. And I’d go on a rollercoaster and I’d just put my pump in the pocket, and zip it up, leaving room for the tubing. So then I’d be connected, but not have to worry about having my pump going swinging/hanging.

I’ve been to amusements parks with a pump and, except for the first ride or two, never disconnected it. It was too annoying. I kept it in a SpiBelt so that it wouldn’t fly off my body. I don’t remember having issues with it over- or under-delivering insulin (which is, I think, why some people disconnect).

I went to Universal Studios with my pump a few years ago and was fine leaving it on. The magnetic forces used to propel even the modern roller coaster are not sufficient enough to mess with a pacemaker or insulin pump or most other medical devices.

I think it depends on how sensitive you are to insulin. My daughter wore her Ping on rides several times. I just assumed her lows were caused by the excitement of the rides along with the summertime heat. Then we met up with friends who have a daughter with T1 the same age as my daughter. The mom mentioned that she always disconnected the pump for rides, as recommended by Animas. I had my daughter disconnect & it was the first time she had no lows. She still disconnects to this day, & hasn’t had another low after rides.

tiaE, when your daughter disconnects, does she do it right before she gets on the ride i.e. after waiting in the line? Where does she put the pump while she is on the ride?

Thanks to everyone for your input.
Just to clarify - the main reason I was asking was because of the wording on Animas’ website which is as follows:
Very powerful electromagnets are sometimes used on “free-fall” amusement park rides. Insulin pumps should be removed and not taken on these “free-fall” types of rides.
High gravity forces can be experienced when riding on some roller coasters. It is recommended that you disconnect (NOT suspend) the pump while on roller-coaster rides.

@Ellfell she kept the pump in a Spibelt, so it went on the rides with her. She would disconnect either right before getting on the ride, or after she was seated/belted in. I had to remind her a couple of times to reconnect. Be sure you check for bubbles in the tubing if the pump goes on the ride. As I said, I think it matters more for those who are sensitive to insulin.