Insulin pump at walt disney world

recently i read on this site and others that wearing a pump on rides at disney world could be a problem, is this true ? what do I need to worry about when wearing my pump on the rides and attractions ?

Electro magnetism, the roughness of the rides themselves and the activity that can bring your sugar down and cause you to have an hypo.

Well Dave that is what my pump trainer told me to watch out for. So that is what I am going to do. When I go I will take my pump off and let someone I am with hold it till I get off the ride. Now if you are not riding anything then there is no problem. It is even in the book that comes with the pump so I guess I can’t be to far off.

Wow, I’ve never had problems at amusement parks with my pump. I tend to be on the low side for the day, but that is just from the extra exercise from walking all over the place. I would never take my pump off and place into someone else’s hands. But that’s just me. Clip your pump on the inside of your waist band if you are worried about it hitting anything.

Hey I just got back from disney a couple weeks ago and I had no problem with it at all any where! A couple of times it got real wet But no issues at all most days it was just in my pocket I was aware of it but it never caused my any problems. If you have any other questions just ask1


I read a few articles before going to Disney Last year…They are really great about whatever you need while in the park or resort. There are clean areas you can change sites at in all parks, just ask. The front desk even asked if I needed a fridge in the room at no charge for my insulin. I was not on a pump when I went, but on a few of the roller coasters, cast members held onto my backpack with my supplies and were waiting for me when I got off the ride. They are fantastic and all you have to do is ask and tell them the situation!

Oh Ok I was wondering because one time I went to six flags and had a terrible low from all the walking. And of course I know you know about the magnetic field too. I know I wasn’t losing my mind. At least I hope I am not. LOL

I have never had any problems while on pump or needles at Disney World.I always tell them I need a fridge cause I am carrying insulin, they give it no problem and NO CHARGE. I am handicapped as well, so I find that they are quite sympathetic to people with illness. I have had some lows and needed to stop and indulge on some glucose, and on my wedding/honeymoon had a reservation for 12 at Crystal Palace character dining… I had an extreme low from too much activity and they sat me before anyone else, of course people were pissed, but when they looked at me white as a ghost and sweating, they shut up after all, its not cool to see a chick with mouse ears and a veil practically pass out. In fact one day when I come across my photos I shall post it of me sweaty and white with Piglet… Rides are usually pretty easy with pump, I always clip it to my bra. I use a mm 722 with clip. Hope this helps.

when i went to disneyworld i just tucked my pump on the inside of my waistband, so it was between my trousers and my skin, and made sure all the tube was tucked down my trousers, making sure none would fall out, this stopped the risk of it getting caught or falling off my waistband, i didn’t have a problem with doing that at all, and i spent several days using the same technique.