Pump and amusement park rides

Can anyone tell me who has been to Disneyworld what u do with your pump as not supposed to take it on certain rides and shouldn’t be disconnected for more then an hr.

I've not been to Disneyworld but have been to Disneyland and many other amusement ride parks. I just would not go on any rides that the pump can't go with me. I don't know what those are, even. I know any ride that is highly magnetized should be avoided but otherwise just have fun!

My two fav rides I know for sure the pump can’t go on but I gotta figure out what to do as I CANT miss this rides!!!

Just curious, why can't you take your pump on the rides?

Me too, what rides and why not, and says who?

Says any rides with high electromagnetics can’t e risen with pump as it can malfunction and deliver to much insulin :frowning:

Right, that's what I said before. The only ride I'd avoid is the silly silo, and I am pretty sure they don't even have that at Disney World. What are your two favorite rides catz? Taking your pump off is of course an option, but where will you put it??

Don't take your pump anywhere near the rides that have electromagnetic fields!! I did that and it killed my pump battery, as well as wiped out all my settings! Also, I don't recommend that you ever take your pump on a roller coaster. It's just not a good idea. First, do you really want to lose a $6000 piece of equipment? Also, many of the rides put a lot of g's on the body and on the pump. The pump itself would be fine....but the extra g's can cause the pump to deliver a bit of insulin. This can make you low. It's the same reason you should disconnect from your pump during takeoff and touchdown on a plane. The first amusement park I went to I kept my pump with me and it was a lot of hassle/worry. The next time I went, I put my pump safely in a locker and carried a pen and my meter for the day. That was much better!!

Sounds like I might be switchin to needles again for 4 days !! To much to worry about :frowning: I just have better control I bs on pump

Hmmm... I just went to a local amusement park last week with my pump. Merry go round I figure was safe. Likewise the Ferris wheel. My grandson wanted me to go on that pirate ship thing that goes back and forth. G-force was negligible, but very noticeable negative Gs. Would the pump remove insulin? ;)

I did that and it killed my pump battery, as well as wiped out all my settings!

What ride was that?

Disneyland rides are tame. I was a yearly pass member while living near it working as an electrical engineer with a master degree. I’m trying to think of a ride that has a large electromagnetic field. The rocket rods but they didn’t last, got metal fatigue. You might visit guest services near the entrance and ask for guidance. They’ll take good care of you.