An Excellent Tape For Waterproof Dexcom Sensor Adhesion

I apologize in advance if this is a “repeat” post. I searched for 3M and didn’t find anything.

I found a wonderful waterproof tape on Amazon which is much more reasonable in price than some of the adhesive tapes that have been recommended in other postings. This tape has adhered my G6 sensor for over 2 weeks including trips to a whirlpool hot tub, showers, sweaty lawn work etc. It’s on sale for about $8.00 off currently… Highly recommended!

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I think I’ve used this before, when I used to wear the Dexcom. It peeled horribly at the edges and was difficult to keep adhered to the curve of my stomach, since this is where the Dexcom must be placed. Now that I wear the Libre on my arm, I use a different adhesive reinforcement patch. The glue seems to work better and isn’t itchy like some adhesives are. I’ve attached a picture of the product below for anyone interested: