Dexcom Adhesive - sweaty guy needs it to last longer

I've just started it, I'm on my third sensor.

I sweat a lot and my sensor adhesive usually starts to break down after two days of activity. I like to use the hot tub too, and that breaks it down even more. I haven't taken it surfing, but I can only imagine...

Does anyone have tips on how to extend the life of the adhesive? I was thinking of using New-Skin liquid bandage and applying it around the perimeter of the sensor. Any adice is always appreciated!

When I used the Navigator (version 1), I had similar problems. I ended up using Tagaderm, an IV transparent film dressing, to hold it in place (there are others by other makers). Look on the TuDiabetes web site--such dressings are discussed here by several others.

As discussed in many other threads, there are a number of adhesive helpers that will keep the sensor in place longer. I prefer the opti-flexifix tape. It works well for me. You mentioned that you like to use the hot tub. I was told that the hot tub will kill the sensor. Even when I used the Medtronic CGM, they said the same thing. Do you know something different? I would love to be able to use the hot tub without worrying about killing the sensor.

oh shoot.

I am on sensor number 9 and I have been using them on my upper arm about 4 to 5 inches down from my shoulder for me it works fine, same accuracy and I could sit in a hot tub and leave my arm out of the water.Might be worth a try.

I use mastisol, it is surgical strength skin adhesive

I just ordered opsite flexifix from amazon but it cost $7+ for shipping. No super saver on offer. I had to have it due to travel arrangements but I hope I can avoid the ship charge in future. I checked for local sites (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, KMart). Forgot walmart and target but .....

Smith & Nephew OpSite Flexifix Transparent Film is a transparent, waterproof fixation for dressings. The film is highly conformable and extensible to increase patient comfort due to its shape and its unique acrylic adhesive. I put two trimmed strips down first and stick the adhesive pad to the Flexifix tape instead of the skin - I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the sensors by doing this. You can reapply the tape whenever needed after that, placing it around the adhesive pad edges to keep it tacked down. I've never put it over the top of the sensor. You can find it on Amazon for varying prices. I don't surf or hot tub so your mileage may vary. I will warn you though, it starts to look pretty ugly by day 14.

+1 with the opsite flexifix. I found it's cheapest from American Diabetes Wholesale and you can use the TuDiabetes discount code (TUDIAB7).

Thanks to Kelly WPA and Natasha Bowlds for this info in this discussion!

Hi Donald, do you insert in your arm on your own or do you have someone that helps you. I would like to use my arm again but can't figure out how to get it there alone.

How do you guys get it to stay on the sensor adhesive tape? I can stick it over but after a shower it separates from the original tape. I end up having to retape it daily.

You probably know this, but it bares mentioning.

I have always put my new dexcom on directly after a shower. The one time I didn't (morning shower but put it on in the evening) the edges began to peel up at about day two, which is *much* sooner than my normal experience, and i could barely get it to stay on a week.

In general, even when going to the beach/swimming every day, I get minimal to no edge coming up in the first week.

So, if you don't already do this, i would recommend only putting it in directly after a shower, once you're dry, and see if that helps.

I find that I can get about twice as many days out of the adhesive by first scrubbing the skin well with alcohol. Letting it dry fully. Then putting on a good layer of Skin Tac and letting that dry thoroughly. Mine spends a good hour a day wet between the pool, hot tub and shower. In the hot tub, it is under water for 20 minutes to an hour in 104 degree water. Before SkinTac it would be falling off on the sixth day. With SkinTac, I get 10-13 days typically. I pat it dry with a towel when I get out of the water, pressing any part that has start to come up back down to the skin. I find that covering it (Tagaderm etc) tend to hold the moisture in and cause the adhesive to break down faster. Your skin is different and your mileage will vary. Try different things until you find what works for you. You should be able to get at least 10 days if you clean the oil off the skin first and dry it out with a good scrub of alcohol (don't just wipe, scrub).

+2. It does get ugly by about the 2 week mark, but well worth it - the stuff just doesn't come off.

I’m pretty new to this but so far I have found the best way to keep the sensor on is to use bard barrier wipes before I stick it on initially (but I leave a large square of skin without so that the sensor itself isn’t going through the barrier wipe). Then I use some of the wipe to seal the edges of the adhesive to the skin. After a few days if it starts to peel up I use another bard wipe around the sensor adhesive on my skin and place four strips of optiflex tape on the adhesive but not on top of the transmitter because I think it pulls on the tape when moving around. I have very sensitive skin so I can’t use the optiflex tape without the bard wipe or I get a rash and it drives me nuts. I exercise quite a bit and this method seems to make the adhesive last the longest. It is definitely about experimenting.

I am glad I am not only guy struggling with this useless adhesive, grease issues on the dexcom sensor.

Today on the 7th day, my sensor on my arm simply fell right off as the adhesive pad absolutely no stickyness.

In fact the backup tape I used beacuse it was pealing off snagged my shirt and unit dropped off.

This is not first time for this and in past I have seen some foreign substance appearing to acerbate the problem causing sensor to release prematurely..

The other compounding issue is that I was up till monday in a high humidity near the ocean in Camarillo and had to go to the high desert of 395 - Bishop of very low humidity. In a day flat the pad seem to go super dry and peal up and off.

Either some knucklehead has decided we all nead post-it pad quick release adhesive or maybe just dilute the adhesive with solvent to spin out to save money.

Either way, this is not acceptable. Anybody else having same/similar problems. please advise

Sandy- have you figured it out yet?
I inserted in my arm all by myself- not sure if I can explain how, but if you still need some tips- I'd be happy to try and share.


Sorry, the holidays were busy. I look in a mirror and turn sideways with all of the backing peeled off and the adhesive bowed backward I stick the center of the sensor pad and then starting with the top I work down the sides to the bottom. After the adhesive is holding all the way around it will hang by itself, then I squeeze the 2 tongs together with one hand and push up to make it drop off with the other hand hope this helps somehow, good luck

I need to go shopping for some of this stuff, my sensor literally fell off by body during hot yoga this morning. Thanks for all the advice, wish me luck.

Good adhesive, I use this also. i sweat and also use the hot tub atthe Y.