An Understanding - Part I

** As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, I am re-posting a blog I originally wrote on April 6, 2010

As a PWD (person with diabetes, Type 1 in my case), there are certain things that I do everyday without really even thinking about them. Having been diabetic since 1970, to me diabetes is like having blue eyes and brown hair. It just is. Tho, thinking of it that way can cause issues because D has to be managed every day, all day.

That is something that a person without diabetes just can’t truly understand, even as much as they want to. Sufferers of other chronic conditions can get a glimmer of it, I’m sure. But I know, as a diabetic, that I have no idea of what it is truly like to have a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hashimoto’s or any of the multitude of other conditions that people can be afflicted with.

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Hi Scott,
I hear where you are coming form in relation to having diabetes for as long as you have .
I also was diagnosed with Type 1 back in 1970 , and having diabetes and doing testing etc …to me is like doing what you do everyday without thinking about it like brushing your teeth , showering etc …its part of our life .
And having a chronic disease like this DOES make one sometimes understand the tole a chronis condition takes on ones body. I myself have osteoarthritis in my knees and rhematoid arthritis in by fingers …BUT I try not let this stop me. My lifes motto is to "take one day at a time " -Cheryl from Halifax Nova scotia