Anatomy of the pancreas?

Anyone know of any good resource to learn more about the pancreas. All the sites about diabetes only have very basic anatomy and anatomy books are not really focus on diabetes. Anyone know of a good site?

Why yes, I do know of a good site. Here :

So do you wanna learn about the anatomy (how it looks and is built) or physiology (how it works)?
instead of buying books (especially huge medical ones) you might be able to borrow one from your local library and just read about the pancreas alone. endocrinology books could have quite huge parts about diabetes/pancreas.
I can also look if i find something in my textbooks, however most of my books are in german :joy:

Wow, there is a lot of information on that website, but not sure it is quite what I was looking for.

I went my the library today and found an anatomy atlas that is quite nice. I think it’ll take awhile to go though but it is answering quite of few of the questions I had. thanks.

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