And The D Goes On

I’ve just returned from the juvenile diabetes center in Peoria, Il. My grand daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We pretty much spent the entire day there, after a routine school physical raised some serious concerns. So…my grand daughter, her mother and I had a whirl-wind day of further blood tests and education. All of this was extremely over-whelming for the both of them…me, too. It’s hard watching and feeling the pain of your children and your children’s children.

My question is…is there a particular forum here that a teen-aged girl (almost 14) can settle into for help and support???

We have a group here called Teens with Type 1 - we have some very nice younger teen girls who are active here - if your granddaughter writes a blog about her experiences with the new diagnosis, she is sure to get lots of responses! I’m so sorry. Mine was found during a routine school physical too, 42 years ago…

Janice, I’m so sorry to hear about your grand daughter’s diagnosis. Diabetes is never easy, but at least she has you to support her and also it is good that you caught it early.

As Marie said, we have some GREAT teens in our community. Please encourage her to join-- it will surely help her to see other people her age who deal with D.

Hugs to the whole family!

Hi Janice - I’m sorry about this new challenge. I’m holding my breath for my own granddaughter as it is so prevalent in our family. What a blessing that your daughter and granddaughter have you as a resource and rock of support.