And then there were 3

It was tough being away from Andrew knowing the challenges he was facing being newly dx’d. Was he eating right? Was he tesing like he should? Was he giving himself the right dose of insulin for what he was eating? Did he have everything he needed if he went low? If he was asleep, were his low’s waking him up? It was in the hands of a “higher power” at that point. And I believed that this “higher power” gave him diabetes for a reason. And he did too…so he could be a voice for Bodie. Bodie had been living with diabetes since he was 16 months old and was now 7. He didn’t really have the vocabulary to fully describe what being “high” was like or what a low felt like…so I could ask Andrew. And in turn, Andrew could ask Bodie things too. It was “nice” that my oldest and youngest, being so far apart in age (14 years!) had this bond. But my older son also voiced this “happiness” that Carson, our middle son, had been spared. At one point, Carson asked, “Am I going to get it, too?” and without even thinking, my husband said “No Carson, you’re like me…you won’t get it.” This was SO HURTFUL. I DIDN’T have diabetes…but obviously even if it was “deep down”, my husband “blamed” it on ME! But, unfortunately, his words would not ring true. Carson was dx on April 1, 2010. It was a club he was now in and never wanted to join! When he was dx though, we were actually relieved. We didn’t have to wait until he was 20…and worry for YEARS. The wait was over…and now we just adjust our lives for 2 at home with this crappy disease…two sets of EVERYTHING! Extra insulin, extra needles…double the glucose tablets…but ya’ know what…? It’s all good because now, once again, there is NO DIFFERENCE in our children. They all have this one thing in common…they all LOOK different…but to them…they are bonded, and all the same…and all is right in our diabetic home!!

Awe, that is so wonderful they have each other. I really know how you must have felt when your Husband said," No your just like me". When I was coming home from the hospital when I was 16 and just diagnosed my Mother said “you didn’t get this from me” it hurt me for the rest of my life.
I don’t think its a place for blame, but one thing we can now do is get Gene testing to see which side of the family it did come from.
There is something comforting at the thought that if both my twin and I had gotten the D, I wouldn’t to this day think I got the worse end of the genes and she didn’t. Its been lonely.

I am glad is well in your home, just love eachother it is the most important thing :slight_smile: Debbie