Three years today

It’s so strange to think–I have officially had diabetes for three years today. It’s been different. I pay lots more attention to what I’m eating and how I’m feeling than I used to. I still obsessively log my food and insulin intake, although I’ve gotten a bit more lax about it all. I have no real health concerns except for persistant D deficiancy and some weird leakage at the back of my left eye. My feet don’t hurt like neuropathy anymore, and I have more energy.

I’ve gained weight. So much so that I probably could stand to lose about 50 pounds. I’m starting school again in the fall–I’m going to be going to the same school as one of my siblings (my sister just graduated high school) for the first time since the 6th grade. I have one more sister-in-law, two more nieces (the youngest was born July 15) and two more nephews (the oldest niece was about 18mo at my dx) and one less boyfriend than at dx. My oldest niece loves to watch me check my blood sugar–I’m not quite sure why . . . something about watching me bleed.

Nothing significant has changed in my personality or sense of humor–I still write, although my poetry tends toward the images of bloody fingers now.

I’m still me.

Just tireder sometimes. It’s exhausting to pay attention to the little signals my body gives me.

I wish it hadn’t happened. It wasn’t fair. But life isn’t fair. I had 31 years diabetes free, and that’s more than a lot of children have.

And I’m still me.

My daughter was dx on 7/25.

Tomorrow will be 6 years…she’s 8, and was dx 3 weeks after her 2nd birthday.

No, life isn’t fair.

But life can still be good.

And, for us, it has been.

Happy (almost shared) Diaversary.


As one that was/is on the other board, when you were first diagnosed, you have come a long way, and have done an excellent job at getting to this point. I hope your eyes are doing better. Keep up the good work!

Hubby and I, may be coming to your town, on business in the near future. If we do, I’ll pm you beforehand and maybe we can do lunch. Hopefully it won’t be on a school day.


Trish, sounds like fun. School starts at the end of August, and I have only 3 classes, tues night, wed, and thurs.

Candy, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I know that it’s difficult for her, but in some ways, even more for you. Good luck, and keep well.

Ok, Teo, I’ll let you know when we are coming. It could be another month or so. Good luck in school and have fun!