Andreina is awesome!

I was very fortunate to win the Word In Your Hand weekly contest a while back, and was offered a choice of several tempting prizes. I chose the one I absolutely couldn’t resist, a fine art giclee print from Andreina, Manny’s incredibly talented wife.

I am so excited to own it! It came beautifully packaged, and now I’m just deciding where I want to put it. So many choices! Here’s a detail shot of the print… I love the textures she creates.

beautiful fine art print by Andreina Davila

Please remember to take a Word In Your Hand photograph and submit it to the TuDiabetes Flickr group. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and November 14th is World Diabetes Day, so be sure to take those pictures right away! Visit the Forum thread on this topic to learn more about the project and why it’s important.

I agree: she is awesome! :smiley:

(I really do think so -I am not saying it just because she’s my wife- She is an incredibly talented and detailed artist and designer).

Hi Beth:

You are Very deserving of a prize for your exceptional
work. I love your entry. I see you have a similar in your profile background. Beautiful!

I definitely agree with you and Manny on Andreina’s
superb creations. Brilliant. Actually alas, you chose
the piece that I would have, had I entered. I’m slow
but I will. I know it will be an attractive addition or completion to many areas in your home. Good for
you. :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for your kind comments! Days like today is want keeps me going, really… I will never make it without the support of the people who believes in me.

Beth! you are extra awesome! I feel like if I had know you for years, you know Thank you again!