Word in Your Hand - Week 3 results are in

Hello everyone,
Week 3 it very hard to choose 4 winners!! We had 16 amazing submissions that touched on some very deep topics about life with diabetes.

I invite you to check them out and, if you haven’t participated yet, visit the Word In Your Hand page to do so: there is time until Oct. 1.

Week 3 winners were:

1) Ron, with “ED”:

2) Tmana, with "Prickly":

3) Islandgrl, with "Slow Down Sugar":

4) Diana Bukowski, with "Ouch":

I LOVE this week’s winners. Great job, guys!

The whole world has to see this great amazing compassionate art

Congrats to all the winners…you all deserve!!!

Wow! Thank you so much!

Wonderful pictures, very creative. Keep it up!

whoa! i never win anything…thanks guys!

These are absolutely great.

Great Job!!! Congrat’s to all the winners

they should have done slow down sugar im diva betic

i like and hate diabetes i like it becuzz theres alot of good things that u can do and i hate becuzz it sukz having diabetes everyone go to www.divabetic.org its an awsome website
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