Anger and diabetes

Am I off here, or does my diabetes play a part in my frustration and anger. My husband commented that he can tell my sugars are off because of my frustration level. Is this possible? Should i talk to doctor? Does anybody else have these symptoms?

Hi Kristen - I think it’s pretty normal for fluctuations in sugar levels to affect your moods. I know I was told this years ago and I’ve been known to be a bit short-tempered when my numbers are high. Having recently gotten myself back into a decent level of control, I know that my outlook is better, my blood pressure is down, and my general demeanor is much improved.

I get easily frustrated when my sugars are low and I get panicky when I’m high. They say irritability is one of the signs of low blood sugars.

I get easily agravated when I’m low. I get angry and upset alot quicker! My loved ones tell me to check my blood sugar when they see me upset! lol

Been there, do that a lot!! You are certainly not alone in this world with those symptoms. I’m afraid to tell you that you’re just a common sufferer!!! :slight_smile:

Wanna hear something funny? New name for diabetes: C.R.A.P.

Attack on the

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I totally agree.

I know I get very easily irritated when my sugars are high

My boyfriend always notices if my sugars are high or low. Im fairly short tempered anyway, but I must really go off on him if my sugars arent right :wink: Poor guy. Feel worse for him than me sometimes.

My husband says I became a nicer person after I started pumping. It did really help me control my bloodsugars better.

Mean when I am low,

Still mean when I am high, but different. My deal is that when I am high I am just so tired, I get grouchy mean.

Rick Phillips

Check this older discussion out about mood swings.

High sugars have been shown to cause highly aggressive behavior. And I’m living proof of that. Over 180 and I am seething with anger, ready to snap people’s heads off.

Yes… this is one thing that I seemed to figure out once I grew up… I noticed I feel really tired when I’m high and cranky… really impatient too. When I’m low, I’m also tired a lot and sweaty. I think I’m worse off when I’m low though, in terms of my reaction to other people. My husband is the one that always tells me to check if he thinks I’m off. I’m so glad to have him as an unofficial glucometer hahaha.


I have the same issues…giddy, excited and sweaty when I’m low.
High…You better watch out because I’m evil, mean and very honest! My high is worse than Aunt Dottie visiting…I also fall asleep a lot faster.
If you meet someone who doesn’t have emotional issues when they are High or Too low…I would like to meet them.

Yah… I’m having problem controlling my anger when my BG is high. I think the longer you have diabetes the worst it gets. I wish you all the best and good luck.