Diabetes and Your Moods

Reading through this topic posted in the Children with Diabetes group, I thought how diabetes affects our moods.

When I am high, I sometimes get grumpy… my wife has learned to ask me whether I have tested if I seem unusually upset. And it feeds both ways, because when I am high, I sometimes get upset (at myself), if I know I am high because of something I did that I KNEW I should have not done.

Crazy… crazy… How about you people?

I’ve noticed I get irritable when I am high and weepy when I am low. If I find myself bursting into tears for no reason, it’s usually time to eat something. :->

I get very emotional when I’m high or low…That’s what my family says… I can’t tell if I’m having a low or high blood sugar but the people around me can… It’s scary…

I really get grumpy when I’m high and I know everything when I’m low. According to my husband I will argue him down and cuss him out for telling me to check my blood sugar when I’m at like 40. I don’t rememder none of it though I’m sorry later but not then.

When I am high I am a pleasant slug. It affects my energy but not my moods. But when I am low… Oh boy! Watch out! I am mean and nasty! My ex-boyfriend and I would have the worst arguments. He would argue for a while but then realize what was wrong and tell me to check my blood sugar. That would just infuriate me more! Luckily since the pump I don’t go low too often anymore.

I went through a long phase of spontaneous sobbing when my bg got below 60. In fact, it was one of my clearcut signals to test - very reliable. Once I was waiting for an appointment at a db clinic to talk with the health psychologist. I felt low and tested and crammed some tabs. The receptionist stood up from behind her desk and yelled “there’s no eating allowed in the lobby”. Because I was low, I just started crying hysterically - big tears streaming down my face and everyone looked at me like I was a crazywoman.

When I’m high I think my irritable mood is more due to me being generally angry about the reading - why it happened, was it my fault, etc? (Just like Manny said).

When low, I get irritated REAL quick. I have ZERO patience and tolerance, along with feeling FRANTIC. (That whole I’m going to die THIS INSTANT if I don’t get food into me, feeling)
When high, I mostly feel frustrated. Actually, that was before I was on insulin, because I couldn’t do anything about a high number. Now, with insulin, that hasn’t been a worry (so far!!) I do remember one time getting REAL angry because we were out to eat at a BBQ place, I checked my BG to figure out what I could eat that evening and my BG was like 256, for no known reason! I’d been a “good girl” all day long! (of course this was before insulin, and when my BG’s were on the rise) So I kinda threw my meter back in my purse, threw my hands up in the air and said “Screw it! I’m gonna eat whatever I want to tonight!” And I did. And boy did it taste good! Took the bad mood away!! LOL

I’m usually by myself, so I’ve no one but me to assess the situation! So I could be real moody, and just not realize it! Besides, I blame all general “moodiness” on Menopause anyway! nods LOL



Ha, it varies, but usually when it is a slow low, I get very weepy and sad, and tired. If it is a fast low, I get real crabby and irritable. If it is a lower bloodsugar and I am hanging on to it, I get very animated and silly.

Highs I am waaaayyyyyy crabby and mad at the world.

My poor husband.

I have the typical irritability when low and sluggishness when high.

But, on the flipside, when my BG is in the low 100s and rapidly coming down (usually a bit after just the right sized meal with just the right amount of Novolog taken to cover it), I become fantastically cheerful.

I have to tell you earlier tonight my 5 year old daughter said to me “Mom we need to test my blood sugar, cause I feel like crying and I am not sad.” She usually can’t tell me yet when she is going low so I was excited and proud to have her recognize the feeling.