Angled infusionsets

Are angled infusionsets more apt to fail before the 3rd day? I started using them and I got woken up last night at 330am with a high bloodsugar that didn’t go down with extra insulin given. It was almost the 3rd day but it failed 4 hrs before as I change my site after breakfast.

Angled infusion sets are made for people who are lean.
Often when I was younger the cannula would bend and deform when it hits muscle.
I went a sept further and use manually inserted infusion sets that you can put in at a very steep angle. Almost parallel to your skin. That just prevents the cannula from getting deformed.
It doesn’t really help with absorption though.
I have more body fat than I did when I was young so I could probably go back to the standard sets, but I still prefer the varisoft or silhouettes because not only can you get a better spot by inserting manually but you also can see where it enters the skin because there is a window built in and you can check to see that it hasn’t come out.

As I got older and I needed more insulin, I realized that my sites can’t take more than 150 units over 3 days. And I got to the point where I was taking that much and my sites would fail like clockwork after 150 units.
I made some diet changes and I eat the MD diet which lowered me into the low 40s per day. And I don’t have failures very much.
When I do my intermittent fasting days I’m often only taking 30 units. And my sites never fail.

Steel cannulas might work better for you. There are probably a few more different ones you can try

I also tried the steel ones and I didnt like them. That was my first angled inset that I tried in a long time. I tried the angled insets by manually inserting them without any luck before. I was using the mio advance infusionsets but I was having alot of failed sites and I would end up with a high bloodsugar. I now use the silserter to insert the silhouettes with better results only I inserted the first one failed about five hours early at 330am Saturday during the night. It must have been a fluke.

I wore the steel ones for a while and I would bend the steel to a 45 degree angle and they did well, otherwise they poke into muscle and cause soreness

I have used 3 angled infusionsets and they were all successful. When I inserted the 90degree mios I wouldn’t know if it was inserted properly until I ate. I would bolus the exact amount I did the day before and eat the same foods and I would go high. I also like that I can see the cannula because I would be able to tell faster if it was in blood. I am really liking these infusionsets.