Silhouette infusion set users

just wanna ask, ive used two sils in one day and none of them seemed to work, my BG levels was up in 190’s while im using this set … so i ended up changing and goin back to quickset which obviously fixed the problem. just to give you an idea, i tried using the sils coz i dont have that much fat, and ive tried changing infusion sites now and wanted to start at the thigh area… so my question is, what is the prescribed angle of insertion when using this infusion set…? thanks

I’ve been using Silhouettes for years with my MM. When I had a Disetronic I used the Tender infusion which is the same. The Silhouette should be inserted at a 45 degree angle. Hope this helps.

hi Betty!

thanks for this…im gonna try this on the next set change, im hesitant to use this sils now knowing that it didnt work for me… but im suspecting this has something to do with the angle of insertion.

thanks for your time…

i used one of those sets, and i started to get blood feedback, it hurt like crazy, and i got a bruise :frowning:
not such a good first impression of the angled infusion sets for me.

i didnt have the bruise, but when i tried changing my site and pulled out the cannula, there was blood in it, so that explains why my BG was up all the time i was using that set…

I use Unimed COMFORT infusion sets (based on Flo’s comment, I think that these are the equivalent of the Silhouette).

I do even less than 45 degree angle (maybe 30 to 35). I tried QuickSet, but had problems with the tube bending-- which might have been do to the fact that I like to insert by hand and slowly.

I use the Comfort angled infusion set on my upper thighs, butt, and occasionally love handles or stomach.

As Flo said, people have different tastes in infusion sets… so find what works right for you! But perhaps next time you try Silhouette, try less of an angle (and therefore less deep).