Animas and CGM

anyone know any updates about when this merger will be happening. the folks with animas are not giving any information. I suspect that they should be doing some trials soon as the equipment intergrates…

I spoke to dexcom last week as I am considering getting CGMS and didn’t want to buy the CGMS and then have a new pump and CGMS system come out on me. Animas was evasive in giving me much info. Dexcom told me that the Animas upgrade options will be available to pumpers who have the Animas pump and a dexcom system. They haven’t decided how they are going to handle people who just have the pump only. I was told that the release was 6 to 18 months away and that are not signing people up for trials yet. To be considered it sounds like they want folks who already have a dexcom and Animas pump but they were tight lipped about this. I am hoping to get some more info tomorrow when I talk to dexcom about my CGMS as my rep was going to check on trial info for me as well…if I get any more data, I will post it here.

please keep me posted on new info. sounds like you got more so far than the rest of us.

thanks, myra

will do! I am hoping to hear from the rep on Monday as she didn’t get back to me yesterday…

Hi Suzanne! Have you heard any new info on this? I am also an Animas wearer and I am holding off on getting a Dexcom since I know they are being integrated. Just not sure how long I want to wait though :slight_smile:

I would also like to know if the cgms information will be displayed on the Animas Ping Receiver, the Animas pump or both? I called Animas and they’re not talkin… What I read online or hear is late this year,early next year is when cgms will be integrated with Animas. We still have Animas under warranty until September, though we are not eligible to get a new pump until 2011. We were able to trade in our 2025 for the Ping for $200 but were told what we are purchasing will not communicate with Dex, that they will bring out a new pump when integration takes place. I think that may not be true and the computer chip may already be in place in the Ping receiver or pump, but don’t know for sure.