Animas billing

Does anyone have any experience with getting bills from Animas? I got a pump 3 months ago…and still no bill. My insurance carrier EOB shows what they paid and what I’ll still owe so I kept expecting a bill but now it’s been long enough I’m wondering if 1) they’ve lost my bill, or 2) I’ll get a letter from a collections agency after having never been billed. I want to know but am almost afraid to call and stir the pot. Is this typical? I’ve seen several other posts referring to billing being a downfall of Animas (I personaly think their Ping is a great pump and their clinician educator has been far beyond anything I could have expected–she’s wonderful).

I’ve also already re-ordered supplies and am waiting to see how this goes through.

Just curious what good/bad stories others have.

They are super slow, but that can be used to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to call, as you will be doing business with these people a long time.

Look your account up on the internet instead of calling them to see if their is a balance owed. Then you will know if something shows or not.

It took them about 4 months to get me my first bill for the pump. For supplies it was not much different. Although my insurance requires me to get my supplies from a third party. Anyway - set asside the funds so you are ready when the bill does come in…

I keep checking online and it has never shown a balance which I find odd but thanks for the advice though!

Good to know. I just couldn’t believe it could take them this long when the insurance paid in the first month–glad to know this is not abnormal; thanks for the reply!

my insurance was billed immediately, but it took about 3 months to get the bill for my portion of the cost.

Wow… glad I’m not the only one! I got my pump almost 2 months ago and still no bill/charge on my credit card… though, I do get these random bills(?) from where I ordered supplies and put it on my credit card (even double checked with AmEx and the charges are there) saying that I owe… I too don’t want to call and stir up the pot… I will give it a couple more weeks… I should be having the second charge go on my credit card on the 15th…

Sorry, I don’t have an Animus pump, A Minimed. I am still waiting for BCBS to finally pay up for the pump. I also paid Medtronic my 20% before they billed my insurance and the insurance co. had a problem with the paperwork MM submitted and kicked the claim back. I got my company’s insurance broker involved and now the claim has been finally approved and Medtronic owes me the diff because now I’m over my out of pocket and I overpaid them. So I am ordering supplies on a credit balance. So to make a long story shorter, I understand what you’re going through. Just hang in there and don’t let it get your bs go up like it did to me at first.