Animas, Dexcom Cruising?

Hey folks. I've been a T1 for 55 years, yes longer than many of you all are old and still in great health.

However, I have never been on a cruise and the wife and I leave on a Royal Caribbean one next week.

Any experienced T1 cruisers, with pumps and Dexcoms out there that could offer any tips? I have already requested refrigeration to keep insulin in and have no idea if they just cart it away or have one in room.

Thanks for anything you can offer.

Look at FRIO they are water activated and reusable.
Have used them hiking and camping so cruising would work as well.

Hi Ron, I'm T1D for 53 years and have been on several cruises. The rooms are kept nice and cool and you should have control over the thermo in your room as well so refrigeration is not really necessary for I'm assuming less than 10 days and you can keep insulin room temp for up to 30 days. I think our room did have a small fridge but I really don't remember as it was about 4 years ago for the last cruise. I wouldn't give anyone on a cruise my insulin, ever! Things get lost etc.They do (at least on some cruise lines) have small sharps containers you can request for your pump canula supplies etc and they will dispose for you. Be prepared to pump lots of boluses!! The food should be excellent!!

Yes, I am getting my A1c done before leaving for obvious reasons. Thanks for the info.

Yes, I have traveled all over the place too, deserts, tropics, etc. and never had problems. I just didn't know if cruises gave any "unusual" issues to prep for. Thanks!

Oh I forgot just one more thing that I've experienced while cruising. It was around 2004 and I fell severely ill with a gastro intestinal illness and had to visit the ships medical Dr. He had never seen an insulin pump before! So, while it in no way affected the care that I received for my illness, it was eye opening that there were still Dr's around who were that inexperienced with diabetes.

The same thing happened to me that year... except that I was in a *hospital* at the time -- and one not too far from Boston, at that. Eye-opening, to be sure!