Any users with the Animas Vibe and CGM (dexcom)
see link
I'm goging to use it

Animas Vibe is still pending FDA approval in US, so no users yet in US.

There are several members outside of US that have posted here. Check for older posts, and also in the Dexcom group.

Do you have specific questions ?

The Vibe pump is quite similar to Animas Ping, and there are many Ping users here.
Most general Dexcom CGMS questions can also be answered by standalone Dexcom G4 users, particularly relating to the sensors and transmitter.

Good luck with getting started on your Vibe and CGMS !

I'm in Australia and have had the Vibe and Dexcom G4 for nearly a year. Love it!

Using Animas and Dexcom! And I love it as well.

Have you used any other pump before Animas?

Yes, Animas 2020 until I got the Vibe.

I just received the Animas Ping, waiting on training. As soon as the Vibe is available in the US I’ll submit the paperwork for one.


I’m in Australia and have had the Vibe with CGM for nearly a year. I absolutely love it. Don’t know how I ever survived without it.

How long are you able to keep one CGM site on for? Sure that's not the correct day of it though.

A late reply, but yes I use it and consider it the best thing ever happened to my diabetes treatment. Wrote about it here.

I totally agree! Got it yesterday, and in my diabetes life 21 years, it is the best thing that has happened to me :)