Does anyone use the Animas Vibe yet?

It´s the one that´s fully integrated with DexCom G4 CGM.

I only wish it was available here in the States but talking to my Dr. yesterday hopefully some time next year even though it has been available and used in Europe since 2011.
I use the Animas "ping" (2020) with my Dexcom Seven+ and don't like it that the Seven+ isn't waterproof and I don't use the Ping meter just the 2020 pump.

Thank you, E-J Ohler. I didn´t know that it´s not available in th US. Do you know why they hesitate?

I´ve been off my pump for a year and a half trying to cope with my own insulin production (I had two islet cell transplants) but it really never worked. So no I´m back on insulin trying to manage it using Lantus and Humalog (pens). I´m wondering about going back to using a pump and have talked to the Anima pump people here in Norway and they told me about the waterproof Animas Vibe with the integrated CGM.

My insulin needs is more unpredictable than ever because I´ve got some production on my own. Problem is that my own insulin seems to turn on and off according to no plan at all. Plus side effects from medications this actually is far from an ideal situation.

We have a Vibe pump but we can't afford to use the CGM DEXG4 part of it yet.

looking fwd to that. I hate that they are separate at this time. I have actually stopped using my CGM

The FDA is the reason it is not available here in the US (Federal Drug Administration) It is good to hear that in Norway they at least try the islet transfer here you can't find anybody to do it (FDA again) as it is considered to experimental.

I'll send you my Ping and you send me your Vibe I have no problem switching from my Seven+ sensors to the G4.

We are loving the Vibe because it doesn't have the 'dial-up-dose" like the Ping or 2020 (it jumps straight to the recommended dose )- for that reason we couldn't go back... however if you would like to send me G4 supplies I would be very happy :)

What do you think of the pump itself? My last pumps have all been Medtronics and I really liked their "Bolus Wizard". How is the Animas doing in the soft ware and calculation department?

I am really liking the Vibe in that I find it a lot like the Cozmo. The screen is great and the calculations seem fine. Temp rates can only go in 10% which seemed a lot to me (we're used to 5% increments) but they haven't been a problem.. We still use a target number NOT a target range as we're used to that. Animas pumps show on the screen their calculations. The battery seems to last forever , though I wish it were smaller and the cartridge were bigger. For software we use Diasend which is super simple to upload to and gives some good feedback. When we trialed a Veo I didn't like it so much and we're very happy with the Vibe.

Oh, now that is a feature I would love! I hate that "speed dialing" and it goes right pass...."dial back" and it goes to zero. Makes more sense to jump to the recommended dose and then change it from there if you wish!

I'm not anywhere near ready for a new pump, but when I am I'll be with Prisoner - couldn't afford supplies for CGM and frankly, don't want one! How does that work with the Vibe, Prisoner, since obviously that's the next big thing. Can you use it just as a pump with no added gizmos or complications to get in the way from the cGM part?

yep- the CGM can be turned on from the light button on top of the pump or through the menu screen but it just sits there quietly unless you're using it. Another few menu's have been rearranged in the Vibe and there is a sort of back button now.. if you go past what you want to do.. :)

thanks, Prisoner. I actually didn't notice there wasn't a "back" button on the Ping, because I do most things from the meter-remote where, of course, there is one. I'm just assuming the Vibe has a meter-remote? That's the one feature I would never give up, so I'm pretty bound to Animas...they also give me a discount and that doesn't hurt either!

I am changing camps in early 2013. Currently using a Paradigm 722 but will be going to a Vibe.

There is no remote option with the Vibe like the Ping has but things may change by the time you are ready for a new pump.

As far as the CGM goes the Dexcom G4 is yet to get the OK for use here in Australia but think that until the government starts subsidising sensors I'll be holding off for a while as well.

Yet another compromise for some, Ping (remote, need to dial up doses) or Vibe (CGMS, auto entry of dose), a bit simplistic but is how I see it. We don't have the Ping available here but that doesn't bother me, I will be more than happy with the Vibe.

No remote with the Vibe :(

So is it sounding like as countries get access to the Vibe, the Ping will be phased out? I would really miss the remote!

The islet transfers I had was part of a study, it´s not commercially available and still considered too experimental.

Just one comment on the size of cartridges. When I was using a pump it seemed to me that the my blood sugar was more off the longer time it was since I´d changed my cartridge. Or at least that could be one of the numerable explanations. I already had got to point that I changed my infusin set every second day, so the site itself should be OK. I called Medtronic (my pump company at the time) and talked to customer service about this. They said it wasn´t a stupid assumption at all and told me that Eli Lilly (producer of Humalog I was using for my pump) had stated that Humalog was stable only 48-72 hours after taken out of its original vial. After this I started to fill my cartridges with enough insulin for 48 hours pluss a buffer and made it a habit to change infusion set, tubing and cartridge with fresh insulin every second day. That made my blood sugar so-ooo much more stable and dosing much more predictable, or rather it worked like I thought it would.

Hi Glen,
all got approved last Friday :)
I know this how? We are in WA and have been tossing up between the Medtronic and the Animas and believe it or not we chose the Animas for the "green" colour, cause it came back to basics as they all seemed to me to be much of a muchness and my son is 3 and thats his fav colour :) Anyway getting back to it i know this cause i got an email from the rep saying it had been approved BUT cause my son is 3 probably wont be able to use it! Anyway its all good to go here now thats the main thing :)

Great news, thanks for letting me know. Hope it is Aust. wide and not just WA, lived in Warakurna (aka Giles) for a while but I do like being back in Melbourne.

Now to get them onto the NDSS.

Choosing which pump to go with was easy, choosing a colour on the other hand!!!