Animas now charges for backup loaner pump

I am really upset with Animas. I am currently two years away from qualifying for a new pump. I was just informed that Animas is no longer loaning out backup pumps wen you go on vacation, butz instead charging 50 dollars and requiring a good amount of paper work and needing two weeks to process before sending out. One of the reasons I chose the ping was because of the free loaner. It would have made sense to implement this policy after one's warranty runs out when you have optiond. I find this a very poor business practice and if they don't reverse themselves this will be my last animas pump. I urge anyone who found the free laner a deciding ppint to call or write to Animas and complain. Apparently a number of people already have

That's horrible news.

What ?!? This is just wrong. A couple of years ago when I went to Korea for
a month, I was so appreciative of the loaner pump. It would have been very hard
to come up with the extra $50, I hope they reverse this policy.

To make matters worse, I complained to Animas and was told a customer rep supervisor would get back to me the next day , He/she didn't. So again I called and got the voice mail of one of the supervisors and it has been two weeks and still no one has not gotten back to me. I left Minimed because I felt they were not as responsive to cvoncerns as they were in the early days. I felt they had grown to big and stopped offering the kind of support I was used to. So then I went to animas. And in the beginning they to were great. Now no longer. I can pretty much guarantee when I my warrantee runs out I will be switching pumps. For me the pump features are not greatly enough different to win me over at this point. So I put a great deal of weight on customer service. And the big boys just don't seem to have it.

Hmmm, has there been some change in management of Animas. Usually when I have needed to order supplies, it is done with one phone call and a package arrives within a few days. I have been calling this week and only getting a message that someone will return my call in 24 hours. At first I didn't leave a message, preferring to speak with someone when it was convenient for me. But as I am going on a trip next week and need supplies, I eventually left a message reordering supplies. Then the recording said that it would take seven to ten days before the supplies will be sent. Too late. Also, the last time I ordered, they didn't send what I had requested. Now I can only hope that my CDC has some extras or I won't change infusion sets so much and will reuse tubing.


I am very upset by this! I travel internationally and cannot believe that they are doing this. I can only hope for zero malfunctions on my travels but considering xrays and other equipment used in airports of different countries, I am very nervous about this upcoming trip :(

Johnson & Johnson now owns the company so......The personal customer service we were used to is gone :(

I use an Animas 20/20 and I am in my last year before I get a new pump. I just went to Mexico (Jan 14/14) and asked Animas if I could get a loaner pump, even though I was no longer covered under their plan. I had done this in the past and had no problem or cost. This year they were great and said that they would still give me a loaner pump for free, once I filled out and faxed them the form. At no time was there any mention of me having to pay any money for the loaner pump. As things worked out I did not get the loaner pump because I went on a last minute vacation and there was no time to send it to me from Toronto. So from my experience, here in Vancouver, Canada, Animas is not charging for the loaner pumps yet.

Ditto for me. I went on a mini vacation and wasn’t allowed a loaner. They said they were saving the pumps for people who really needed them. I am also very disappointed in their customer service. It used to be topnotch. I will be going on a cruise in 4 weeks to the caribbaen and will need a loaner. I have also called to order sensors and they give you a number that only allows you to leave a message.This is very poor customer service.

Since they are going out of business in a few months, I guess customer service is no longer a priority! I called Animas a few days ago to ask a question and was told by the rep that he had no incentive to look into my problem since they’re going kaput soon. Not surprised with how they’ve been treating people, but it’s not right.

I will be going on a cruise at the end of this month to the Caribbaen with no loaner pump. It doesn’t make me feel that comfortable. I have til 2021 before I qualify for a new pump. The Ontario government pays for a new pump every 5 years. Animas will have customer service but not an euthusiastic one til 2019. That means I will be without customer service for 2 years. I can’t wait for Tandem to launch in Canada as I want the Tslim to be my next pump.

I saw my D educator today. I explained my dilemma about going on my cruise with no loaner pump. She looked at my animas vibe and told me the screen had turned a pink color and eventually the screen will fade.She told me to call them for a replacement pump.I will keep the use the new one and return the old one after my cruise. I need a piece of mind while on my cruise.

Let us know how that goes please. And enjoy your cruise.

I got the new pump today and the bubble wrap envelop for return. On the paper that gives you information it tells you to return the defective pump in 10 days or you old get charged for the cost of it. I don’t know if I should follow through on my previous plan. The new pump’s screen is alot brighter even with the contrast
Not being turned all the way up.

Yes, I returned the pump as to avoid any harrassment. I have backup longlasting insulin for my basal and I’ll have to take shots and do the math. I am 1:12 in the am and 1:24 for supper.I will disconnect on my water excursions. I am on a basal of 4 units.