Animas or Medtronic?

I’m thinking about getting a pump and am having a tough time deciding on which one to get. My twin sister, who has been diabetic 5 years longer than me, has the Medtronic Minimed, so I feel like I should get the same one as her. However, I like some of the features of the Animas pump better, such as the fact that it is waterproof. Is there anyone who has tried both?

Haven’t tried both but I LOVE my pink ping. No issues at all in the short 3+ months I’ve been wearing it, love the remote, customer service and tech support are fantastic, and it’s waterproof.
Here is a comparison chart that might help. Let us know what you decide!

Before I decided I really REALLY didn’t want to deal with tubing, I was going to get the Animas Ping…I had no desire to get a MiniMed. Can’t remember exactly why, now…but I remember doing a lot of research on both companies and asking TONS of people about their experiences with both Animas and Medtronic/MiniMed and not taking very long to decide on Animas. Of course then I played with some infusion sets and realized I didn’t like how any of them went in - even the auto-inserts were too hands on for me and my issue with needles/injections, and I REALLY didn’t like the idea of tubing, and having to unhook to take a shower or go swimming, etc…so I researched Insulet & Omnipod and utimately went with them…
Don’t rush into the decision…do some research, get lots of opinions, and remember if you don’t like it, you can always go back to MDI or look into different systems (wait time to switch would depend on your insurance, tho)…Good luck!

And I am just the opposite of Jeska. I’m the kind of person that would lose something if it weren’t connected to me. For my first pump, I went with the Medtronic because it’s smallest. For the second, I stayed with it because (1) it’s smallest, (2) I’m familiar with it (3) I have a full arensal of introducer needles and infusion sets in my closet, and (4) it has built-in CGM connectivity.

In the end, they all do the same thing. Some are better in one way, others are better in others. Some days you want hamburgers, other days you want pizza. They’re both good.

(Sorry, bad analogy!)

Now today I want burgers AND pizza lol…thanks, Scott!
Do you lose your meter? My clicker (“remote” lol…the PDM) for my Pod IS also my meter (Does the Minimed have the meter built in to the pump or do you have to carry a separate one?) so I never forget it lol…what I do forget is extra batteries! They’re expensive at gas stations/convenience stores!!!
The one downside to Omnipod is that there is no CGM connectivity…when I get that, it’ll be another thing I have to cram into my tiny purse & lug around with me…soon, though…soon… :wink: I hope…?

My niece has the Animas and likes it very much… my son has the Omnipod and loves it… .you should get what YOU like best…

One advantage to the Ping is you can compare with your sister’s and you can always return it if you end up preferring MM.

I lose things. I finally got this. It comes with 2 stick-on finders (one on my dex, one on my animas meter/remote) and 2 keychain ones. It’s already saved my a$$ a couple of times LOL

I second everyone’s opinion that you should get whatever pump that you want. As far as I can see, the only advantage of having the same pump as your sister is that you could share infusion sets if one of you ever ran out.

If I were pump shopping today, my biggest consideration would be the CGMS that is or soon will be compatible with the pump. I have a Medtronic Revel pump and believe it is currently the best tubed pump out there. I personally have no interest in the Omnipod at that time, but that could certainly change in the future especially when the smaller pod comes out. If I were younger, I would definitely consider the Omnipod because of the general lack of pockets in women’s, especially women’s fashionable clothing.

Oops, to get back on track. Currently IMO the Dexcom is a far superior CGMS than the Medtronic system. For that reason, I would probably select an Animas pump knowing that it will eventually be integrated with Dexcom. I would be sure to find out the upgrade options with Animas to make sure that you can get the Dexcom/Animas combo for a reasonable upgrade price. Medtronic has released a new pump/CGMS in Europe with the Enlite system. It sounds as though it’s addressed the weaknesses of the current Medtronic system.

Because there is so much on the horizon with more and better integrated pump/CGMS systems, I think it’s a tough time to buy a pump. I have just switched to Dexcom and really like it much better than the Medtronic CGMS. It’s more accurate and less bloody and painful. But I really miss the integration with the pump. The is definitely a guessing game to buying a pump now. How soon with the new systems be out and what will be the financial cost to upgrade and how will your insurance company handle it?

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Yes I do lose meters. Somewhere in the New York/New Jersey area are about three One-Touch UltraMini’s with my name on it (if anyone finds them, can I please have them back!). Unfortunately, the black case makes it easy to hide in dark places. But fortunately, free meters aren’t too hard to come by!

I do keep an extra AAA battery for my pump inside the zipper compartment in my meter pouch. Hopefully I don’t find myself with a dead battery AND a missing meter!

I am with you Scott E. I can keep track of things when they are new to me and on my mind but as that wears off I loose things left and right. I can imagine consistent use with Omni I would sooner or later loose the PDM. The whole if my head wasn’t attached thing…

Thanks guys. The only reason I feel I should get the same one as her is because I pretty much already know how to use it and my parents are already familar with ordering the supplies and stuff.

As of right now I think I’m going to go with Medtronic. That being said, a lot can change before I get it in a couple of months so you never know. I would also like to try the omnipod before I start it because I think it looks interesting, but it isn’t available in Canada yet and who knows when it will be?