Animas or Omnipod

Hello guys!
I have posted the same question on the Omnipod section...
I am a type 1 for a year and a bit and about to switch to a pump.
Even though I have looked at all the companies which are offered here(Canada), I can't make the decision between Omnipod and Animas. When i was just diagnosed I wanted only the Pods but now... I don't know... The cost of them is not a factor since both of them are covered by the province (yay). I'm not reallly active though i do enjoy walks in the nature, trips &c.

I would like to hear and thank you for your opinions about the pumps. :)

Hi Bruno,

You can ask this question 100 times and get 100 different answers, my advice to you is this, call Omnipod and call Animas, ask for their information kits. Go see your Endo, he should have demo pumps there, ask lots of questions. Think about what you want from a pump. If you are looking for what everyone else is using, more will chime in, I am using an Animas PING.

Good luck with this, and please update the thread on how it goes.

well, i started to doubt after i read all the booklets. ummm my next appoin. is in 2 months but yeah I'll ask for a trial period or so

Hi Bruno,

Your next appointment is two months out? Ok, I can see where that would be frustrating.

Well heck, go ahead and give Animas a call now, they can send you a kit that has more information as well as the necessary forms for you to complete, fill them out, give your Doc a call and see if your doc will get you in sooner, once you know when, call the Animas rep to meet you at your doc office. That will help things along.

Hang in there, initially, the process for your first pump is tedious and prolonged, after that, things get much easier. I just got a new pump from Animas, and since I had been using a pump (same one) prior, getting the new one was a matter of letting my Endo know, his Diabetes nurse called me to ask what color I wanted. They called the order in for me that afternoon, it arrived a few days later. After you get your first pump, you'll start to dial things in much better and see better numbers.