Does anyone know how much an Animas insulin pump is? Or a roundabout guess??

Nevermind.. I found the price.

Guessing it wasn't the sort of number you were hoping for...

As a young adult, I'd recommend you take a serious look at the Omnipod. All pumps have similar annual costs. Given your active life (took a look at your page), I think you'd be happier with the pod.

I'm a 52 year-old fossil, and I absolutely love the Omnipod. I can't imagine ever being on a tubed pump.

Reading between the lines, if you are looking for a price, does that mean you are planning to self-fund? If so you need to consider the cost of consumables. You need to change your set and reservoir approx every 3 days. Runs around £1800 (US $3000) per year.


Be sure and ask Animas about low income help if that applies to you.

Agree with Zoe. If you contact Animas and ask about financial assistance they usually have a process and special pricing for low income users/families. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask anyways, especially if this is something that you are interested in.

Joel also made a good point about supplies. A new infusion set is needed approx. every 3 days, sometimes more often, sometimes less often depending on the site and your body.

If you have any questions about the pump though, I'm an Animas Ping user and would be happy to answer any questions you have. :)

The omnipod kinda freaks me out, honestly.

I'll try contacting them and seeing if I could, if at all possible, get my hands on the pump. But right now, I'm seriously doubting it. :(

Why is that? The idea of that little box stuck to you all the time?

That bothered me before I tried it. Had Insulet send me two dummy pods free and tried wearing them in two different places over a week (back of arm, thigh). Turns out I forgot it was even on me after one day.

It's not for some people. However, out might be worth trying the no cost dummy pod test to see.


Initially I was looking at having to self-fund as well. As I recall both Animas and Roche (the Combo) were $6,200. Animas does have a payment plan but it was 20% down and then the rest over 12 months. Roche gave a 20% discount to cash customers and then allowed for a 24 month payment plan as well. That brought the Combo down to $4,800 or $200 a month if you had to do it that way.