Animas Ping long out of warranty - how di I know it is giving up the ghost?

My Animas Ping is about 6 1/2 years old - I don't remember exactly when I got it. Anyway, I've been having highs that are ridiculous. No rhyme nor reason. As background, I strive to stay between 80 - 120 at all times, and usually do. I micro-manage (I have valid reasons for this). Anyway, I've been getting readings that are unusually high for me. No change in activity, food intake, stress etc. The buttons are getting hard to push, but that shouldn't have anything to do with the readings. How do Iknow when it is time to replace? I have to have "proof" before Kaiser will replace it. I would love for it to last until the Vibe comes out, but I'm not gonna go back to MDI. Pu,ping allows me to dose per me - not eat up to insulin,nor eat up to a higher reading in order to accomdate a correction bolus. Any experience on how you knew the pump was ready to go into retirement? Oh, I'll go ahead and get a new one and do the $99 upgrade ofr the Vibe when it is approved - which of course isn't happening due to the shutdown. (and a little politicking here - Congress is still getting paid...)

Like you I live in the Portland OR area & I also have Kaiser. I got a new pump earlier this year without any problems. I got the original Animas 1250 in Feb 2007, but I got an in warranty replacement in 2010. 2 main reasons why I asked for this replacement, 1st the screen on my 2020 was getting very dim it really was illegible in bright light more so than normal & I had a couple of problems with the rewind/load mechanism, it didn't rewind enough when loading the cartridge this didn't cause a problem as when I primed it just took longer to get the drops of insulin coming out. I don't know which Endo you see, I see Dr Prihoda, he said yes you need a new pump, put in the request & 2 weeks later it was approved.

Cool! Someone else in Portland. I just moved here and am excited to meet another person with type 1 and a pumper too! Anyway, I've been out of warranty almost 3 years. The buttons are getting less than operational (I often have to keep punching) and I really can't explain the readings I've been getting. I usually stay within range. I've taken to counting the sounds as it doses, just to be sure that I'm getting what I want. I seem to need to prove everything right now to the Endo staff. Maybe it is because I am new to them. I moved up here after decades in San Diego. I have records from San DIego, but they seem to want only Kaiser records. I'm hoping it won't take an increase in my A1C to warrant considering it is time for a new pump. I've had this one since 2007.

I replaced my Ping last year after four years. On my old Ping I noticed that the individual pixels (the small lighted segments) that make up the display started to diminish in color. When I looked at it under a magnifying glass, some of the pixels had turned from a bright white to a light colored brown. This, by the way, is already starting to happen on my less than one year old Ping.

Anyway, when I called Animas to see if I could get a new pump after the original warranty expired, they said that the insurance company will want a reason why the old pump cannot continue in service. I said that the display was hard to read due to dimming. They contacted the insurance company and my pump was replaced.

At 6.5 years old, it's time to replace such an essential device. I would only nurse it along if I had no other choice.

As far as your loss of control goes, have you considered site absorption anomalies?

re: site absorption. Yeah, I am really good about changing sites and with the comfort-detach I can place the infusion all around my bum and upper arms. I also switch between the angled sets and the 90 degree comfort-detach sets so the "trauma" is different. I guess what I'm looking for are reasons taht insurance companies found acceptable for replacement. I sure wish the FDA wasn't closed so the Vibe could get reviewed. Oh well.
Thanks. Oh! I think you were one of the people following my AcccuChek clip experience. Still like it. But it is best for heavier waistbands and belts. But it is so nice to have something that will accomodate a belt.

I agree that it definitely sounds like time to replace, and since it sounds vague when the Vibe you want will be in the U.S., getting a new Ping and then upgrading for $99 sounds like a good plan!

Terry, I'm confused. Is it harder to justify getting a new pump after the warranty expires? Is it, that is, expected for you to automatically replace right when it expires?

My Ping goes out of warranty in January, 2014. I will be on Medicare at that point which I understand has restrictive requirements, but I am also CalPers which is different. My pump is just fine now. I also have zero interest in the Vibe. I wasn't planning on replacing until I have problems, but if it's expected to replace at the end of warranty I'd do that too especially since I won't be paying anything! Confusing.

Buttons sticking is a pump malfunction and would be replaced by the manufacturer if the pump was in warranty no questions asked so replacing an out of warranty pump shouldn’t be a problem. You can’t deliver insulin if the OK button sticks or dial up the appropriate dose accurately if the buttons don’t work right. They can’t deny it it’s a safety issue that could potentially affect insulin delivery they would be tons of trouble if they did.

I had asked earlier, based on the out of warranty status, and was told by my insurer that there had to be proof of it being worn out. I'm gonna bering up the sticky buttons issue to see if that's enough of a reason - aside form close to 7 years old. It is made of moving parts after all. Thanks

I had an Animas Ping and my buttons got stuck right at the end of warantee, I called them and they said "WOOPS" you went out of warantee a few weeks ago.
At that time I could not depend on it working right, so I wanted to get a loaner while the order went through. Animas gave me a run around and made me fillout forms, and the loaner pump never came. It ended up making me use the old one for another month trying to get through it. Finally I called Medtronic and I had a pump the very next day. Then I got my insurance going and it was all handled perfectly.

I really had no desire to chance companies, I was just worried and freaked out about my pump not working right. There are still things about my Animas pump that I miss. When they finally get a pump that is married to the DEX on the market, I will reconsider them.

Really, though my point is, that you do not want to wait until your out of warantee pump fails, because you will be left with no way to control your diabetes. I think it is best to just get a new one if you can afford it. If not, there are ways to get one free through medicaid etc.

Out of warranty pump replacement depends on the individual insurance company policy. They don't want to replace the pump simply because it's out of warranty. When it's under warranty that decision is Animas's.

I once kept a pump for 10 years. Now I want to freshen up the technology when it goes out of warranty. Especially if some features change that I want to take advantage of.

If you're happy with your pump and it's working well for you then why bother trying to replace it? On the other hand, it's appealing to me to have a pump that is relatively current technology. many insurance issues that sounds contradictory! Since the insurance company is going to pay (part or all) you think they'd be more eager to pay less often (like after a few years), but I guess if Animas makes the decision, they have no choice. Sounds like I should do some checking on the whole CalPers/Medicare policy before my warranty runs out. Yes, if I don't have to pay for it and CalPers approves I'd just as soon have new technology. (and in my case I'm not waiting on the Vibe). Sorry to hijack your thread artwoman.

Buttons sticking sounds like a very good reason to get a new pump through Kaiser, a slight scratch on the screen helps too. I think Kaiser wants a relationship with your endo but as long as they read everything from the meter remote when you go in for your next visit that should be good. As I said Dr Prihoda is great.

For your info, the Animas sales rep in Oregon is Gianna Mingo, phone 1-877-937-7867 ext 3124. The CDE trainer is Susy Reiner phone 1-877-937-7867 ext 3743. They are both very nice & helpful I'm sure they can think of good reasons why you need a new pump & both know the Kaiser endocrinology department well.

Thanks Annabella. Gianna is no longer working for Animas. I believe she is being a new mom for a while. I spoke with her right after her baby was born because we have pugs incommon and I wanted to share my latest rescue story with her. I'll call usy Reiner (thanks ofr the number. Is Dr Prihoda at the Interstate office?)

Yes, Dr Prihoda is at the Interstate office.

Anthem BCBS has a policy of replacing after the warranty is up i.e 4 years for my pump;MM722. I called the other day to start the paperwork for what is now the 530G.

When you say after the warranty is up, Richard, do you mean right when it is ending or any time later?