I am done with the Ping

My replacement pump showed up this afternoon & it is a refurbished one. I know some people don’t have problems with refurbished ones, but after all the problems I have had with 2 new ones, I am not going to put my trust in a used one. When I got my pump last year, I did not know that if you had a problem that they would replace it with a refurbished one – I found that out in Jan when I was having problems with the other one. My insurance company paid over $6k for that pump and I think it should have a longer lifespan that 2 months – I was not expecting to have to get it replaced every couple of months.

The last 2 nights that I had the first pump on, I woke up in my 30s. Normally overnights are fairly stable for me unless I take fast acting insulin close to bedtime – I did not those nights.

I could not find the post that Dick did when he first got his Ping, but he was complaining about the Ping having 16 units of insulin left over in the cartridge. I almost told him that he was wrong about that because when I ran mine down to zero, there was not one drop of insulin left in the pump. I know that was around when I got the new pump so when I got the new one, I tested it several times – there was a lot of insulin left in the cartridge. I also had to make some big changes to my basal rates after getting the 2nd one. I know I was getting more insulin than what I should have been with that fist pump.

It was a big step for me to get the pump in the first place and an even bigger step for me to trust it when I knew the first one was giving me too much insulin. There is no way after everything that has happened that I can trust a used pump.

A supervisor from Animas is supposed to call me back but I really don’t expect to get anywhere. My plans are to send the refurbished one back to Animas and the broken one to my insurance company since they paid $6k for it.

Kelly - I am sorry that things have not worked out for you. Sometimes it is best to just move on. I don’t think that anything that Animas does or says will alleviate your concerns. For my part I can only say that Animas support has been exceptional. They have listened, addressed my issues and made things right for me when there was a problem. I have interacted with some of their senior management as well as their support staff, and I have always been impressed with their focus and actions. I wish you well as you look for an alternative

Thanks Bill. I agree with you that their customer service is great - my problem is not with them. In Jan, the customer service person I was working with called me from home on her day off when she was sick - not too many people would do that! I am just not comfortable with having a pump that breaks this easily and that has nothing to do with Animas customer service!

I know that you are fed up and frustrated right now… I can hear it in the email… However, at least think about sending the broken one to Animas and hold onto the refurbished one for a month or so before sending it to your insurance company…

I have been frustrated and fed up with using the pump… sometimes taking 6 months off helps… sometimes it doesn’t… at least this would give you the option to try again if you so choose…

I have kind of thought about that - I usually try not to make rash decisions like this! I would be more apt to keep the broken one though - if I keep the refurbished one, there is no chance of my getting a brand new pump out of them. If I had a new pump, I might try it again but I know I won’t use a refurbished one.

Tell that to the person who is calling you tomorrow… I know it sucks (btw, I saw a number over 500 today for the first time in a while… damn infusion set (and not wanting to reinsert the dexcom before my acupuncture appt today!).

Keep your chin up and take a little bit to think about it… the return package will still work in a week… you have about 14days to get it back to them…

Actually, the supervisor just called me. She said that is their policy so she can’t send me a different one but is bumping it up to her manager.

Sorry about the infusion set! I know that feeling - not to 500 because of the Dex, but still not fun.

yeah… i was ticked off at my dexcom so when my sensor expired this morning, I didn’t replace it… I figured I would wait til I got back home tonight… teaches me, right? :wink:

Don’t laugh but mine died this morning also & I did not put a new one in. I am down to my last 3 and thought I would take a couple days in between.

yeah, I have to have one in overnight b/c I’m hypounaware and I really don’t like setting the alarm clock to ring every couple of hours to check at this point… I’ve gotten used to sleeping 8hrs straight again!

I am hypounaware also but don’t usually have problems overnight unless something weird happens. Crossign my fingers!

One of the things I really like about the pump is being able to sleep more than 6 hours!

Hello Kelly, You know refurbished only means that they may have taken one part from an old one and put it into a new one. I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t had a good exp with the Animas. I love my ping and after trying the OmniPod and having the worst exp of my life with the company I hooked my ping back up and never changing again. I’ve been on 7 different pump models and aside the old Disetronic H-trons that aren’t even being made anymore I must say that Animas has them all beat. However most folks love the Pod so if you aren’t having a good exp with it then it’s probably better to change.

One more thing Kelly. I am not sure how long you were on the pump when your BGs were dropping but I went from about 110 units per day on syringes to now 35units on the pump. Your body doesn’t need much and goes through stages where it keeps dropping till you hit your actual needs. I hope it works out for you and I really hope that the company does you right. I’ve only had wonderful customer service with them.

Emily, I so hear you on the “off time” I’ve been pumping x 17 going on 18 years now and I’ve taken some time off as well. :slight_smile:

I started the pump back in June so it had pretty much leveled out - I did need alot less insulin on the pump also so that part I liked. I know that it was giving me too much insulin if there was supposed to be 16 units left in the cartridge & my cartridges were empty - that means the pump gave me 16 more units that it thought it did, so I do know there was an issue there.

I do think their customer service is good - I just don’t like their replacement policy!

It took me about 2 years to level out and everytime I do a basal test and fast a few days my insulin needs drop even more. Also hormones and everything else plays in as well. I’m sure in your case it is the pump but sometimes things happen even if you live the same day with the same food the insulin needs change. I’ve never paid attention to that but I know that when I go to zero which doesn’t happen very often at all that the plunger is way up as it should be. I have a refurbished on as I changed over on one of their promotions when they stopped making the Cozmo and I have never had a single problem with mine. It’s not really the pump but it’s waranty and customer service that makes or breaks it in the end.

I do know things change - when my thyroid went out of whack, that screwed everything up! I did not know it was supposed to leave insulin in the cartridge so didn’t know to question it,. When Dick posted that, I thought that was odd then tested it out with the new pump.

Part of the warranty problem though is the warranty is only 4 years and I have to wait 5 to get another pump. If these things don’t last, I am going to have to be going back to MDI for a year before I can get a pump. I need something I know will last for me.

Kelly the waranty expires after 4yrs with all the pump companies. Just b/c the waranty exp thought doesn’t mean you can’t continue using the pump. My waranty is up in May and I may not get a new one b/c my insurance requires their be something wrong with the pump.
Do you have a CDE that you work with? I received my first pump in Germany and got extensive in patient training on it. My stay was a month and we learned everything about pumps even shut them off to go into a DKA on purpose to learn how to get back out on your own. Here they give you the pump and train you 2 hrs and let you go. Speaking from exp and having used 7other models in the end they are really all the same and they all have issues. You won’t find one that is perfect. You just have to find one that works for you. In your case it may not be the Animas. Have you looked at others? You probably won’t be able to return the one you have as you already been on it since June. Just really hope it works out. I know how bad it is when you are stuck with one you hate. I had one that I told my Endo I would throw it against the wall if they didn’t get me off it. :slight_smile:

I know all the warranties are 4 years but I also know several people that had MM ones that they used for 5 and still have them. I know it is always a chance, but if they are replacing my pump every couple months, I will be screwed after the warranty is up.

I don’t have a CDE. My problems aren’t really with using the pump, it is with it breaking! I had about 1 hour training but I also did alot of research before even getting the pump. The pump itself works great and I like the Ping features over other pumps, I am just think they should be more durable.

Hi Kelly…

I would agree with the comment another person made, that you should hold on to the new pump and take a little time to think things over. Like you, I try very hard not to make a decision based on frustration and anger (which I can understand, given your experience).

Moving on… I was told “up front” that any pump you get (after your first “new” one) will be a refurbished pump. In my case, I had a problem with my first (new) pump after having had it for six months, and exchanged it. The refurbished pump has been working fine for over two years.

I’ve never run my cartridge down to “0”… but I have noticed that there may be a bit more in the cartridge than indicated on the pump. I just never worried about it… since I have to change every 3 days anyway…and don’t want to mix the insulin in the cartridge with new insulin in another cartridge.

Best of luck to you in the future, and I hope you find a pump that works for YOU…