Animas ping?

Alright, so I’m looking at a pump and leaning toward animas, or omnipod. I really like the tubeless feature on omnipod but animas looks nicer. Does the tubing get to in the way for you users? Any reviews on it also will really help! Thanks! I really need help deciding!!! HELPPPP

I have been using the Animas Ping for about a year and a half. Every once in a while I catch the tubing on something, usually when I'm at home in the evening and I've been lazy about making sure its tucked in or covered. On the whole, though, the tubing doesn't get in the way or bother me. It's the only pump I've ever used, though, so I can't compare it to any others based on personal experience.

Most people are concerned about tubing ahead of time and that it becomes a non-issue once they get their pumps. I haven't heard great things about Omnipods. I've had a Ping since 1/11 and am very happy with it. The tubing is no big deal. I use the 43 inch tubing as it lets me feel less attached and I just tuck it in. The Animas is pretty reliable and will be upgraded to the Vibe with CGM when it is available in the U.S. if you are interested in that.

The tubing doesn’t bother me at all. I insert into my thigh and run the tubing down my leg and secure the pump with a “leg thing.”

I've been pumping since 2005. First with the Cozmore and then with the Ping. The tubing is basically a non-issue. I like that if the infusion set needs to be changed early, I don't lose all the insulin like you would with the pod. The only challenge I had (notice had....not have) was with dresses. I solved that by getting a bandeau bra that is too small to wear as a bra. I wear it around my waist and tuck the pump in there. Since I rarely use the remote feature, I do have to find a place to do a bolus. But it really isn't that much of a bother. And it's worth going into a private place to reach up into the bandeau. in order to still wear a dress. I've worn a strapless knit dress and people who know I'm a pumper think I left the pump at home! And another benefit of pumping is the micro dosing (if I only need 0.10 of a unit I can do that) and the fact that I can tailor the basal rates to time of day, day of the week, or changes in activity (or lack thereof). I have the Dexcom 4 CGM and love its accurcy and its notifying me of trends (arrows going up or down) So I can micromanage things which is my nature. My end result is an A1C that is in the range of a person without type 1.

My 10 year old son just got an Animas two weeks ago. We like the Animas because of the screen, the remote is great as he doesn't have to pull his pump out of his Spibelt when he or we help him bolus. We also liked the idea that he can go swimming with it on too. I didn't think the remote was such a big deal but I really like it. The Omnipod was not for my son. He didn't like the idea of having to wear something so bulky. I've also read it has it's issues with falling off, etc.

I've only been pumping for two months and was worried, too, about the tubing. I have had practically no problems with it. I've been putting my pump in my jeans pocket and occasionally will tug on the tubing when I go to the bathroom. I was also worried about sleeping with it, but I just clip it to my nighty and hardly know it is there. I love the remote! So handy! Especially wnen you are in a restaurant....just click, click, click and you've given yourself insulin and no one is the wiser!