Ping vs Omnipod


I have been an animas ping user for a while now. I was just looking to get some feedback from people who may have switched from the ping to the omnipod. Part of me likes the idea of not having the tubing, but the pod seems rather large and bulky and I’m not sure I would like that either. I currently attach my pump to my thighs only. I’m relatively petite and can’t imagine exactly where the pod would work for me. Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated.


here’s a recent topic on this

I found the POD to be super annoying and painful at first. My Doc has me only using it on my upper arm, where we are certain that there isn’t any scar tissue. I want to try my leg, but haven’t yet. However, I have had much better luck on a tubeless pump than on a tubed one. I cant say, for certain, why that is, but the reps say there is less variability in insulin delivery. Its worth a try, if you want to experiment, because Omnipod does a free trial period, in which you can return it, no charge, if you dont like it.Note: I had difficulty getting my pump settings adjusted in that short time period, but if you are already on a pump, I bet you can do it really quick. I was coming from syringe injections.

The pod, to me, is less bulky than it looks, and I would say that 95% of the time I am not even aware of it. I’ve worn it on my abdomen, inner thigh and the backs of my arms, which is what I use almost exclusively these days. I just forget it is there and, despite what you might read, I have very few problems with pods these days. Quality control is much improved from the early days of the second pod version, when errors were rampant. I’ve never used tubed (and can’t imagine doing so with a viable tubeless option). I’d recommend giving the pod a try.

Jim, can you explain what congress needs to do so that Medicare will approve Omnipod.
I’m working on my 2nd appeal.

Attending an AARP Town Hall tomorrow with Congressman Dan Donavan (NY) and I need help in being able to plead our cause.

Will definitely tell him about the S-804 for CGM coverage.

A woman from Insulet told me that congress has to change the wording and the coding.

Could you possibly supply any additional details?

I don’t think it’s really a congressional issue, @JoedyRose, but I do know that it’s one being pursued vigorously by company management. It has something to do with the way pods are classified as opposed to traditional pumps because the pods thenselves are disposable. The company is lobbying hard to have this changed, as it’s key to future earnings. As someone who is approaching that age myself (and a shareholder), I really hope they can get it worked out.