Animas Pump Supplies

Does anyone use an Animas Vibe/Ping that needs extra infusion sets and reservoirs? I have had my Animas Vibe for a bit but the battery compartment recently cracked making the pump useless. Animas has left the insulin pump market for the United States and I won’t be able to get a new animas pump to use the supplies up. I don’t want them to go to waste so I have two partial boxes of infusion sets and two partial boxes of reservoirs if anyone wants them. Please let me know, thanks!


Are you in Canada?



I live in the United States, specifically Chicago, IL. I would be happy to ship to Canada though.

Offering to buy, sell, or give away diabetes supplies that require a prescription using this forum places TuDiabetes at legal risk.

You might look for “pay-it-forward” groups on Facebook or perhaps your doctor might take these supplies to give to another patient who needs them.

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