Animas Vibe vs Medtronic 530 Enlite


I need some input from PWD that have used both the Animas Vibe and the Medtronic Enlite. I am at a crossroad, my warranty on my current pump, the Medtronic 523 has expired, I have used the 523 in combination with the Dexcom CGM for approx. 6 years.

I like the Medtronic pump a lot, and have been with them since 2001... but I absolutely love the Dexcom CGM setup, accuracy etc. I am somewhat tired of carrying around two separate devises (Pump and Cgm). Both the Vibe and Enlite offer an all in one unit.
Has anyone out there been in this same dilemma? If so, who did you go with and why?

Maybe I just need to put on my big boy pants and make a decision... ha!

Thank you.

I don't fit the criteria you raised of a "PWD that have used both the Animas Vibe and the Medtronic Enlite". I currently use a Paradigm 723 (same as the 523 only bigger) with Enlite sensors and that's all I have first hand experience with. But I'll throw out my two cents.

Stop trying to decide this on the basis of the CGM and just pick a pump you'll be happy with. The truth is that as a current Dexcom user you are will most likely not be satisfied with the Medtronic CGM. At least this seems to be the pattern from the posts I've read on discussion boards and in blogs.

I am personally happy enough with Medtronic's CGM. It does work. And it works well enough for me. But the truth is that Medtronic's CGM can be finicky. Getting it to work properly can require a level of fussiness, of attention to nit-picky details that Dexcom users typically have no patience for.

So I expect as a current Dexcom user these design limitations of Medtronic's CGM would both nag at you and very possibly lead to the Enlites returning incorrect & misleading glucose results.

If you can somehow convince Medtronic & your med support team to give you a trial run with the Enlites for at least a few weeks, then I would urge you try it out and come to your own conclusions. But if you have to decide a priori, without hands on experience, then just stick with the Dexcom and decide on the pump for other reasons.


I appreciate your input John. Thanks to your advice, I have reached out to my sales rep at Medtronic, to do a trial run with the Enlite. Let's see what he says.... Thank you.