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I havent been here in a while, wow! Has the site changed. I Have to switch from animas to medtronic 630 g. My insurance will only cover the dexcom cgm. I feel like I am taking steps backwards. I can’t bolus like I used to with my Animas meter. Help I just need some support because I have been fighting to get the new pump and cgm per docs request. Also because Animas is going out of pump business. I have cried so much with RUDE medtronic lady and constant misinformation.

Hi Jewels–welcome back! I used a Dexcom CGM with medtronic pumps for years because the Enlite sensors by most accounts weren’t as accurate. Downside of course is that Dexcom doesn’t integrate with Medtronic, so you lose the ability to look at your graph on your pump, but since I preferred using the iPhone app and GlucoGram to check my readings that didn’t really bother me. The bigger issue is that, with the 630G, there are delivery control features–pause before low–that require using Enlites. That’s the kind of issue that should get your insurance to waive the objection: you have to switch to this pump, and that’s what it requires to use all its features. But if integration is not a big issue for you, there’s no technical barrier to continuing with Dexcom if you want. To me it would be pretty much a wash. I don’t feel the desperate need for the integrated features and Dexcom is a better system than the *Enlites as far as accuracy goes.

*The Medtronic Guardian 3 sensor is at least as good as Dexcom in my experience–I switched to those becuase I’m using a 670G and need the Guardian 3 system for auto mode, but it only works with the 670G, not the 630.

So sorry you’re having these problems. I don’t have the advice you need, though – in the same boat as an Animas “orphan” – My plan, so far, is to wait as long as I can safely wait to replace my Vibe. Warranty for mine ends in November…

Or longer. MDI is always a backup plan. Our last Animas pump we ran two years past the end of its warranty.

The longer you wait, perhaps new choices become available and give you a direction you are more excited about.

(I assume from the tone of the post that you are not excited with your current choices.)

You are assuming correctly! I’d like a chance to try the Sooil Dana RS, but that has to get to our market first (or I have to go to Mexico? :slight_smile:)

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Hmmm… Mexico Vacation…




Thank you for responding. I canbolus and calculate with my ping but not the medtronic. Firstday using the 630g. My insurance only covers the dexcom. I havent had the training for the dex cgm as I dont havethem yet. I loved not having to dig out my pump all the time. Now I have to. I feel like I am now taking two steps back with my pump therapy.

I would have gotten only the cgm and held on to my ping as long as possible. I am thinking about sending the supplies I just got today and ordering my animas supplies instead. I can just store the 630 until I have no choice.

May I ask, what is an MDI

MDI stands for “multiple daily injections” - using a modern basal insulin such as Levemir, Lantus or Tresiba in combination with injections of rapid-acting insulin before eating. I have used a Medtronic pump with Dexcom and think it is a great combination. Since Dexcom can now pair with a smartphone, there is no need to carry around an extra device so it really doesn’t matter if your pump integrates with the CGM or not unless you want to take advantage of the “suspend while low” feature or don’t carry a phone with you. It’s unfortunate that Medtronic does not make a pump with a remote as functional as the Animas Ping. I like their old pumps as they are reliable, functional and easy to use with few button pushes. I’m not impressed by the 630G or the layout of their new pumps, and there aren’t too many people who praise their sensor technology!

And point of course being that any technology can fail. MDI is our backup plan for any situation involving a failure of our technology (ie - pump).

Oh my goodness, thank you for that. I was starting to think I was being a an absolute witch. Which I know I can be. I was offered random but my doc said medtronic. I think she and the entire office are so enamored by Medtronic. They have been trying to get me on a medtronic pump for years but I refused. Now that Animas is done, I don’t have much of a choice. I can’t thank you enough for your help and kindness. I just hate being lied to and deceived like I have been and now I’m stuck with this pump for five years. My stress level through all this has literally made me I’ll and lately all I do is cry. I can’t seem to pick myself up this time. I have always been a fighter. I have always shared any new info I discover and jump through all the hoops with insurance etc… This has just beaten me down so badly. I disconnected the 630 and packed it away. Not going to use it until I have to. I will train on the cgm since it doesn’t matter what pump I use. My doc won’t like it. She doesn’t like the Diasend program. Any advice on ho

Oops advice on how to use the Diasend program more productivly?

I did a LOT of research before choosing my first pump, and I just wasn’t impressed by the Medtronic. The only reason they got the first FDA approval for automatic adjustments with a cgm is because their algorithm is over simplified and easier to analyze. I really didn’t like the feel of it either. Just because a company is the oldest, doesn’t mean it’s the best. (I feel the same about lifescan onetouch meters.)

My Drs office didn’t work with anyone except Medtronic, and I was presented as if Medtronic was my only choice. The reality of it it is, your doctor doesn’t always know what’s right for you, everyone is different.

I contacted Tandem and explained my situation. They sent a trainer out to educate the staff on my pump and set them up with all the proper software. They also processed everything for me and took care of the details, so I never even had to explain why I wanted to go against the norm.

I am currently the only partient in my Drs office using a Tandem pump instead, and that’s just fine by me. Though someone did delete the software because they didn’t think anyone was using it. I’m sure I could let Tandem know and they’d fix the problem, but I just print the last weeks worth of data myself to give them.

If you’re still in the return period for the Medtronic, do NOT think you have to be stuck with it. Return it, and explore your other options. If your Endo is too closed minded to adapt to new technologies, then you need to be looking for a new Endo. The medical field changes too fast to stay a single course in anything.


I have fought to stay on the ping. I have already used the medtronic so I am guessing I can’t return it? Problem here is years ago Animas stopped sending reps And never followed up with Diasend training for staff. Also, there is only one endo in our area unless I want to go to Pittsburgh which is two hours away. I think my docs office wants medtronic because it is easier for them and for patients to download numbers. I will admit since the ez manager stopped working, I have not been very good at sending by numbers. Do you sometimes feel like you are just numbers to them?

Does anyone have suggestions for baseline Dexcom training? That’s important.

I just watched the videos on their website and some additional videos on YouTube. I found it very helpful and informative. In fact, when I later was forced to do a ‘trial’ of the Dexcom, I was telling the TRAINER what they should be doing…

I would much rather drive 2 hrs for a high quality doctor as opposed to a closer Doc of whom I thought significantly less of.

Pittsburgh has some great options.