Animated Book Summary of Bernsteins Diabetes Solution

I ran across this interesting video that is entitled Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution by Richard K. Bernstein ; Animated Book Summary. I thought they did a good job of summarizing some of the key points. What do you think?


It’s a pretty good summary. The biggest takeaway that I got from reading his book was the law of small numbers (though I eat WAY more carbs than what Bernstein recommends -the law is good for times where I cannot accurately weigh out and carb count my food), and I liked how the video really emphasized that portion of the book.

I don’t know if I missed this in the video, but I didn’t see much discussion about phase-1 vs. phase-2 insulin release, when that was another chunk of information that I really benefited from (seeing how a “normal” pancreas acts for certain food combinations makes it easier for me to mimic it through dual-wave bolusing).

I’ve never heard of a “mild form of type1” (around minute 4 )

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Neither have I. It’s been more than a year since I last looked through the book. I’m almost due for a reread and this time I’ll be on the lookout for that.

I’m with Mimikins on the Laws of Small Numbers; that, for me, is one of the most valuable things he has to say. I also eat more carbs than he recommends—not a lot more, but more.

And I also didn’t see anything about phase 1/phase 2 in the video. It is, after all, a 9 minute summary of a 500 page book, so that’s not too startling.

I would describe my situation in those terms, “mild form of type 1”


That must be “the good kind” ?!? lol

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This video brought up an interesting memory for me. I was diagnosed with Type1 in 1959 at the age of 10. My mother would take a girl’s anklet, cut it down in size, fill it with 3 sugar cubes and pin it to the inside of my skirt - just in case I experienced a low. My, how times have changed!

wow that’s a really special memory! I’m a long time T1D too (1967)

Hard to believe it will be 57 years for me next month! Just wish Medicare would get on board with CGM coverage so that I can free up the money to have some fun!

I enjoyed the video. I think it helps to have a visual to reinforce key ideas.