Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution and The Diabetes Diet

Does anyone have any reviews on Dr. Bernstein’s books:
The Diabetes Solution and The Diabetes Diet?
I am interested in buying these but would like some feedback if anyone has any; any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



I have both of these. I actually have had several copies of Diabetes Solution, but have given them as gifts to others. I consider Diabetes Solution as a must have reference for all diabetics. You may not accept and do everything Dr. B says, but the book is a compendium of great advice. Diabetes diet is useful, but as time goes on, it has been less of a reference that the Solution. In the scope of things, spending perhaps even a $hundred on good books will pay you back in gobs (sorry for the technical term). I would put Blood Sugar 101, Using Insulin and Think like a Pancreas on that list.

I second “Think Like a Pancreas”. Great book that you will refer to over and over again.
I have Diabetes solution, too. Also good, but super strict diet.

If you are deciding whether or not to get it, I say get it, as the info is sound and Dr. Bernstein writes from his own experience.

Thanks for the feedback, I totally appreciate it. I will give the other books a gander as well and see what fits me best.

Thanks all…

I have read it and like the science behind it but I’m with you on liking my carbs. There is no way I could go that low on a permanent basis. I will try to keep my BG and A1C as low as possible and do watch what kind of and how many carbs I eat but to go that low and give up all the things he wants you to give up is near impossible for me.

I am not knocking him or anyone who follows the lifestyle - good for you! I am just agreeing with Rainbowgoddess that it is not for me.