Announcing a month-long mini-class series on TuDiabetes!

Hi TuDiabetes friends!

We're trying something new and exciting here on TuDiabetes: a series of live mini-classes--20 minutes--presented by students of TuDiabetes member and professor of Diabetes Education at Columbia University, Jane K. The classes will be broadcast live on the TuDiabetes homepage(no passwords or special links needed), with an open chat box below where you can post your questions and comments for each presenter.

This is an opportunity for two-way communication between the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) and our future care providers. They get to teach us a bit about a topic they believe is interesting and important for people with diabetes, and we get to ask questions and give positive, constructive feedback about their approach! It's a true opportunity to affect how these providers will care for their patients with diabetes in the future... don't miss it!!

Check out the mini-class schedule in the TuDiabetes Events List Here

About the Jane K.'s Program:

In 2011 Teachers College, Columbia University launched the nation's first interdisciplinary Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management (DEDM) Program. Jane K. Dickinson, a person living with diabetes, certified diabetes educator, and member of, is the program coordinator and faculty in this exciting program. The DEDM program provides graduate education for clinicians who wish to pursue or currently have a career in diabetes education. Students representing nursing, dietetics, pharmacy, and optometry are enrolled in the program, and even more disciplines will be represented in the future. The MS in Diabetes Education and Management prepares diabetes educators to take on leadership roles, and to grow their understanding and appreciation for what people with diabetes need in current times. These video chats are merely a first step toward bridging the gap between patients and providers in the Diabetes Online Community.

Sounds great.

Will these classes be recorded? I find this very interesting and would like to participate. But I have to tell you, these classes start late, at 10pm or later. I really struggle to stay up that late. I have sleep apnea, which is the topic of the first class. How ironic.

This seems like an interesting opportunity for people interested in more focused discussions and learning about the subject matter! I'm glad to see Tu getting all Ivy League! Bridging the gap is a great idea to put out there and I'm very glad to see that as a program here!

They WILL be recorded! Sorry the times are so late for those of you on the East Coast. It was the best we could do, for now!

TOTALLY awesome!

I hope you'll join us for these, Josephine!