Announcing Blog Week 2016

Diabetes Blog Week 2016 is coming up in less than a week. Blog week was started by Karen Graffeo 6 years ago and it now has a huge number of participants including a number of our members. There is a topic for each day and everyone who participates tries to write a blog post addressing the topic in their own personal way.

Consider taking part in blog week. If you want you can write your blogs here at TuDiabetes and link to them using the special search link “ user:brian_bsc”. Replace my username “brian_bsc” with your own. Click here to see how it will search the “Share Your Stories” category for all the posts made by yourself


Hi Brian. I tried this several ways, but it will not accept this URL. I am in the process of setting up a website with a blog and I really don’t want to have to set up a temporary WordPress site. Any pointers? Am I missing something?

I think my instructions were flawed. Try the following string as the link “

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve participated before (last year? or maybe the year before?) and really enjoyed both writing and reading. I haven’t blogged at all lately, so this might be a good way to get back into it.

I’d love to read more of your writing, Jen, so please do a bit of blogging when you have a chance.
I learn a great deal from reading about your experiences and your outlook, and I’m sure many others do, too!!!


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Be sure to catch @Karen_Graffeo talk about Blog Week with @Rphil2 in a live interview from May 5. It was just posted today.

Jen this blog is simply wonderful. thank you for sharing it, you’re a terrific writer.


Jen, I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog, so I’ll do it here.

You are an amazing and inspirational woman, and a role model for all, not just because you are legally blind and have Type 1, but (and please forgive the Mr.Rodgers-esque words I am about to type) because you are you!


Thanks! And yeah, since my blog is Blogger, I think there are issues with leaving comments if you don’t have a Google (or other blog site) account.

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are you on Twitter? I’d like to get this blog more attention, especially during #DBlogWeek

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Ok, Topic for Wednesday is “Language and Diabetes”

There is an old saying that states “Sticks and stones may break my
bones, but words will never hurt me”. I’m willing to bet we’ve all
disagreed with this at some point, and especially when it comes to
diabetes. Many advocate for the importance of using non-stigmatizing,
inclusive and non-judgmental language when speaking about or to people
with diabetes. For some, they don’t care, others care passionately.
Where do you stand when it comes to “person with diabetes” versus
“diabetic”, or “checking” blood sugar versus “testing”, or any of the
tons of other examples? Let’s explore the power of words, but please
remember to keep things respectful.

hopefully we’ll get lots of posts. I find this topic very interesting.

I am on Twitter, although I don’t use it often and I’m reluctant to attach my name to the blog since I mostly follow colleagues of mine. Maybe I should create a Twitter account just for the blog…

Ooohhh!!! I have a post already written in my head for this one. Can’t wait! First I have to crack down and write something for today…