Blog Week

Next week is the 5th annual diabetic blog week Here are the topics and I will be blogging at least five days next week (one blog per day) on each topic. Here are the topics:

Change the World - Monday 5/12 What gets me fired up about diabetes its care, and issues about misconceptions etc.. (I will pick one)

Poetry Tuesday - Tuesday 5/13 This one operates in part with TUDiabetes. Poetry is not my thing but well I will see what I can do. Maybe I will need some help here.

What Brings Me Down - Wednesday 5/14 In a tip of the hat to Mental Health Month this blog is about mental health issues and diabetes. I think I will do my old friend depression.

Mantras and More - Thursday 5/15 What gets us through a hard day? This day will be about the things I do, imagine, think of, hope for in order to keep me going.

Diabetes Life Hacks - Friday 5/16 I do not have any particularly good life hacks, but I bet I do something to keep my life going.

Saturday Snapshots - Saturday 5/17 This is a nod to the diabetes 365 project so I will be looking for pictures, video etc that share the day int he life. I doubt unless I get some help I will get this one done.

My Favorite Things - Sunday 5/18 Sharing something I learned from reading other blogs this week. It will be super fun to be encouraged to read others and feedback what gets me excited.

Diabetes Dream Device -(wildcard) This can be substituted in for any other topic. I am thinking IPOD music player with pump, TV remote control and telephone? Well maybe not LOL

Tell Me a Story - (wildcard) This is also a wildcard that asks that I personalize diabetes with a story. This one intrigues me and will require some thought if I choose to do it.

Seven blogs in seven days, a tall order. if you want in on the fun visit:

for story ideas. And visit

to sing up for blog listing. My blogs will be listed here. Obviously this is where I blog so I will not be setting up a new page etc. What I have done however is register to get started.



Hi Rick, I signed up for DBlog Week, too. No doubt that's the easy part!

me too..........i'll be reading........the blogs.

I'm so happy to have you joining in this year!!! Thanks for signing up and thanks for spreading the word.