Announcing the parnership between OneTouch and

Read the details about our new partnership with OneTouch through the “Word In Your Hand” project or watch the video below:

We are thrilled about this news and wanted to share it with everyone! We feel this is very good for the community.

awesome! im so excited bout this…

kudos manny!

youre the MAN…!

Amazing… things fall into place when they are meant to… Congrats to Manny and best wishes to all the rest in our community.

Wow, congrats Manny!

Congradulations Manny,

Very Cool, Congrats!

very exciting news! congratulations!!!

This is great to hear! I hope the marriage lasts forever!

Congrads Manny!
Now get some rest. You’ve got years of work ahead.
May God Bless You and Yours thru all of your endeavors.

Congratulations, Manny, and to the whole TuDiabetes family!!!

Amazing my friend

I just got ping’d by e-Rewards for a health survey… that happened to be about one of the word-in-your-hand commercials for the OneTouch UltraMini. It was really weird because I knew a lot more about the product than the commercial mentioned, and I knew about the Word-in-Your-Hand collaboration…