One Year and 2,000 Members Later... Your thoughts and a big favor!

Dear Friends:
We just passed our first anniversary. As if that weren’t enough, a few days ago we passed 2,000 members (seems like we’re going to reach 2,100 in no time!)

Lots of great things have happened that is is very hard to summarize them in a few lines, so why not to spend a whole forum topic sharing our fondest memories of the past days, weeks or months since each of you joined TuDiabetes?

I would love to watch or read your comments (that is to say, video posts as well as written posts would be equally welcome) as to the greatest moments you’ve lived in the course of the past year.

For me? The greatest memory this past year has got to be the Word In Your Hand project that resulted in this great diabetes awareness video.

Also, a big favor I had to ask of you. Yesterday, we published a press release celebrating these two big milestones. You can find it here: or you can download the PDF version below. The favor I wanted to ask of you was to please contact a local newspaper, TV station or radio station and try to find a writer or editor in charge of health or lifestyle-related stories. If you could send them this press release and tell them why you think it would be good for them to write about us, it would be amazing! If you do this, please let me know at manny at tudiabetes dot org, so I can be aware (also please ask these people if they would mind to be added to our media list, so we can let them know about any future milestones via press releases).

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all of you!!!
8661-PressRelease04TuDiabetes.pdf (22.2 KB)

Yesterday we arrived at our first anniversary. Here is the podcast we recorded over the weekend, while we visited Sausalito:

Thanks to everyone!!

Hi Manny,
Thank you for the great podcast and for everything. YOU are the one who has made us a family, a community. Because of all the work, the effort, the caring, the love and sharing you have put into our group, it truly works. You have encouraged us to open up no matter whether we whine or shine. You help us to reach out to each other and in so doing we help ourselves. In Tu diabetes we find acceptance and understanding no matter what the situation. I will have to say that one of the great moments for me in this past year has been to join Tu diabetes. Even when I don’t feel like talking I can read what others in our family have to say. and feel comforted. It gives me strength to pick up and try again when I read that someone else has gone through the same problem as I have. Any concern is met with compassion. A burden or fear once voiced is that much lighter. And any laughter or joy shared is that much greater. Thank you Manny for giving us the opportunity to be together. May we continue to grow.

Congratulations Manny! What a wonderful accomplishment for such an important cause!

Kudos and thank you Manny! TuDiabetes has provided a great resource and inspiration for me, allowing me to finally connect with others who are facing the same obstacles and opportunities in life.

Congrats, you do such a great job here. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


Thank you for Sharing Manny.

This has gotten me through a few challenging days with a newly dianosed teenager!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you have many more.

Congrats!! you have given me alot of help by creating this group. i found it within two weeks of my diagnoses, when i really had no idea what i was up against with type 1. Type 2 tends to run in y family but not type 1. I had no one in my immediate family to take to about this desease, instead I found a family here that took my questions and gave me a list of things to ask my doctor in an informed way without just being hysterical. Thank you for giving all of us a place of acceptance and caring when we had trouble finding it in the outside world. Happy Anniversary!!!

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the young age of 39. Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults; that’s what my family physician called it. It was a shocker for sure. No one in my family has had diabetes. Like all good alpha geeks I decided to find out everything I could about my ailment. I found a web site called TuDiabetes and the passion of a man named Manny Hernandez. The social networking site had only a few dozen members at the time but I quickly made new online friends; Bernard, Marston, Manny, Kerri, Jenny, Allison to name a few. I learned a lot about diabetes, nutrition etc but I also learned a lot about the power and greatness of those who want to help others. Manny, thanks for stepping out and taking a stand to make the difference in all our lives. You made the community possible.



Congratulations!!! I’m fairly new to the Tudiabetes community, but a 24 year seasoned veteran of diabetes. This site has been a blessing to me and my husband on several occasions. The fact that I can sit at my computer and CONNECT with people just like me is such a peaceful feeling. It’s nice to talk to people that are going through exactly the same struggles and journey that I am. I finally feel like I’m not alone.