Annual Insurance cost - U200 vs U500

I was amused that my insurance company sent me a link so I could see how much my prescriptions have cost over the past two years - quite a staggering amount, actually.

Humalog U200 Pens - $21,375 annually
Humalin U500 Vials - $14,893 annually

Changing from U500 (5x concentrated so you use 1/5th approx) to U200 (2x concentrated) saw a 40% increase in the price and whilst I loved how the reduced insulin load, I really disliked the slow rate at which it became effective. I really didn’t want to add a fast-acting U100 injection protocol so went with the U200 as the best of both worlds.

These prices are the actual cost if I did not have insurance. Even so, 2016 to 2017 saw the price I paid rise 1,300%.

Enough said. Anyone else check on their costs lately?

Type 1.5, Medtronic Paradigm 723 pump, Dexcom G5 CGM

I have not received any summaries like that from my insurance. I suspect that your insurance company plays games with rebates from the drug companies and does not pay retail, their actual cost is probably much lower. The people who get screwed by these high insulin costs are those who are stuck paying out of pocket for insulin, the insurance companies are doing just fine.

I’ve got a weird attitude about my diabetes. I take just about every diabetes hassle in stride except when insurance companies nickel and dime us or whine about how much we cost. We diabetics stick out like a sore thumb to their bean counters because our claims are higher than the average person. However even $21,375 annually for insulin is peanuts compared to some claims they get, for example somebody seriously injured or just about any surgery. Their bean counters easily work our costs into the premiums they charge.